It was no easy feat; having to find time to practice for their items, while striking a balance with their workload at school, and yet, at the same time, going through rounds of auditions. However, these outstanding performers pulled through and made it to the finals of the long-awaited Zenith 2016, hoping to bring out their best performance on the actual event. Hereby, The Victorian Press presents to you a sneak peek into the freestylers’ music life and what to expect!

Yi Chun, 15S52


Most stories begin with coincidences, and this musician’s story is no different. The journey began when Yi Chun accidentally came across the GarageBand app on his iPad, and decided to experiment with a few tunes. “Curiosity kills the cat”, some say, but this was not the case for Yi Chun – who not only realised that the music he composed sounded nice, it further fuelled his interest for freestyle music, and he began exploring professional softwares on his Mac. He had discovered a new-found hobby – making music.

Inspired and fascinated by Daft Punk’s style of music – in which songs are sampled from other artist’s songs, by chopping the songs into pieces, then combining them together in a different way to make a new song – he wanted to try something similar. He began selecting some of his favourite songs and trying to combine them, and through various attempts of trial and error, he gradually learnt the ways of DJing. And because he “[thought] would be cool to combine both ways of creating music together”, it (SPOILER ALERT) explains why his performance has elements of DJing – but it’s not entirely the same.

When asked what audiences should look forward to, he said that he will be mixing two popular songs Victorians are sure to know – which combine to create a new and unique sound – after which he refused to say more, because “There are some surprises for you which I do not want to spoil”

As this will be his first time performing such music, you can be sure he’s feeling extremely nervous. To top it off, he is in charge of the opening act. On shouldering the responsibility of kicking off Zenith on a high note, he remarked, “Just imagine if I screw up, cued the wrong track, didn’t cue the songs on time… oh man.”

So be sure to give him all your support during ZENITH 2016!

FUN FACT: He made a music video with his class as well, which made it to the finals! (SUCH TALENT)

HD Quality – David, 16S51 & Minh-Huy, 16S33


Not knowing that MusicFest was actually a competition, David signed up for two simple reasons: to have fun and, as a performer, to bring his music to people. As he says “Sometimes you don’t need a reason to play music.”, he hopes that the crowd will be entertained and enjoy their music.

Initially, David was supposed to perform solo with the item of ‘Victoria – The Rock Anthem’, a heavy metal rendition of the school song. However, it was apparently deemed later as ‘not crowd hyping enough’ (Editor’s note: Why?!), leading to a change of plans for David, who teamed up with his friend, Minh-Huy, to form HD Quality.

Taking a different approach, it was difficult at first to come up with a completely new item, as he had zero idea what to do for the performance. They had been left praying for inspiration – and indeed, inspiration did arrive a few days before Zenith, and they came up with a performance item. “[Our item] derives its melodies from 2 or 3 popular song with a certain common theme” David reveals.
When asked what were their goals for Music Fest, David replied, “[our goal is] just to perform and entertain the audiences, perhaps to fulfil some repressed desire to become real artists. If the audience enjoys our performance, it will be enough. That’s our goal.”

FUN FACT: They derived their group name (HD Quality) from their names- Huy & David. And also because they offer ‘HD quality guitar sounds’. (SUCH CREATIVE)

Well, we certainly do look forward to their performances and with that, we’d like to wish the freestylers and the other performers all the best for Zenith 2016. Don’t forget to cheer for these amazing freestylers (and the others as well) and we hope to see you there!

Natalie Liew, 16A13

Tan Jing Jie, 16S37


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