The morning of Teachers’ Day brings with it an excited frenzy like no other. Beautifully penned letters are lovingly slotted into snug envelops. Student councillors buzz about the entire school, putting their final touches on the lovely decorations. A class deviously attempts to hide their surprise presents, and the only thing less subtle is the knowing smile of their teacher who pretends not to notice. Teachers’ Day 2019 was definitely a memorable one for everyone, with every Victorian showing their appreciation for their teachers in a myriad of ways. We interviewed a few teachers to get to know more about how students in VJC have shown their appreciation.

First up, we interviewed Mdm Mok Wai Heng — an experienced math teacher currently teaching JC1 students. When asked to describe one incident where her students showed their appreciation for her, Mdm Mok paused thoughtfully.

“There are many incidents actually. I appreciate the notes more than the physical gifts, and I really love it when they say that my lessons have made a difference and that they really learned. I enjoy teaching and making students see meaning in what they learn. It’s what keeps me going and gives me something to work on.”

How sweet is that! To a teacher who cares about their students, seeing their students’ progress and improvements are certainly the most rewarding parts of their job — and it’s made all the more meaningful when students show their appreciation for their teacher’s help. It seems we don’t always create trouble for our teachers, we bring meaning and joy to them too!


This year’s celebration was filled with an exciting line-up of activities. There was something for everyone: if you wanted a hearty meal, you could have headed to the local food stalls set up around the canteen, or even to the chefs cooking a variety of different pratas fresh for the taking.

Ice Kachang and Muah Chee from the local food stores.

If you were looking to be blown away, you could have witnessed the busking done by various Victorians who dazzled the crowd with their singing, instrument skills, and even their beatboxing! Even if you hadn’t signed up for to perform, the karaoke booth set up in the concourse attracted some hidden talents who sang their hearts out to their songs of choice.

Busking performances.

 Karaoke, done by our own Victorians.

If you were craving activity, games like dodgeball and running man were sure to keep you on your feet. Or perhaps you were seeking a different kind of thrill, in which case the dunking tank was right there to make a splash. This activity was definitely a favourite among teachers, who got to dunk their students as a way of “payback”, as one teacher put it.

Miss Ek having a go at the dunk tank.

If you were simply looking to relax, the class picnics were a great time to relax with your friends and teachers, all while sharing delicious home-baked goods.

Classes enjoying their picnics together.

With all these activities thoughtfully planned out by the Teacher’s Day adhoc, Teachers’ Day 2019 truly was a success just like the years before it. One person who can truly attest to that is Mdm Goh, who has witnessed every different VJC Teachers’ Day celebration for the past 35 years! Mdm Goh Chor Chin is the Head of Department for Mother Tongue Languages. A dedicated teacher who places the welfare of her students as her ultimate priority, she guides her students with patience to reach their full potential. In light of VJC’s 35th anniversary, we decided to interview her to find out what motivates her to carry on teaching in our school.


Despite her long years of teaching in VJ, Mdm Goh says that there is no time to feel tired. With different batches of students coming in each year, Mdm Goh constantly alters her teaching style and lesson structure to suit the different needs of students. She has always believed in each student and does her best to draw out their potential. Mdm Goh aims to design a curriculum that not only fits the rigour of the syllabus, but also one that fosters a love for the Chinese language.

Mdm Goh’s happiness stems from the joy and satisfaction she derives from teaching, to the extent that it makes her forget her age. She believes that passion sticks with a person even at the age of 80, driving a person in what they do. And this passion, for her, is in teaching.

“一个人做不如大家一起做,我一个人做可能做不了,所以很高兴有一群老师跟我有同样的理念”. What Mdm Goh is saying here is that it’s difficult to feel unhappy in her teaching career due to the close-knit team of teachers in her department. She is heartened to work with a zealous group of teachers who are full of drive, and together they share the same passion for teaching. Having taught in VJ for 35 years, Mdm Goh’s passion in teaching still shines as brightly as ever. Walking into the classroom, she’s never weary as she believes that through her efforts and focus, she can make an impact on her students.

This is a sentiment shared by many VJ teachers, no matter if they have taught for all 35 years of our college’s history, or if they have just started their teaching journey. The effort that goes into every class, every worksheet, and even every stern lecture will never go unnoticed by Victorians. On behalf of The Victorian Press, we would like to show you just how grateful we are for every teacher, the pillars who keep us sturdy and strong. And what better way to do that than a letter of our own?


Dear Teachers,

Happy Teachers’ Day!

There are many different things we use to show our appreciation for you: notes, presents, and all the other clumsy, endearing ways we can say “Thank you.” No matter what form it takes, our gratitude to you is boundless ⁠— and yet, there’s still so much more that we want to say to you.

Thank you for expanding our horizons, be it through mathematical equations, literary skills or economics concepts. Every day, you help us envision the blueprints of our futures just by giving us the space to explore our passion. Thank you for teaching us the life skills, values and manners we need to not just survive, but thrive. Thank you for looking after our well-being, for always being there for us when we need you. Thank you for tolerating all our mischief, and guiding us to become better versions of ourselves no matter our misdemeanours. And lastly, thank you for making our adventures in VJC a colourful stroke on the canvas of our lives, painting our final years of teenagehood in vibrant red and yellow.

With Love,

Article by:
Semantha Wong, 19A15
Di Fangqi, 19S48
Alisha Ganesh, 19A11

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