After months of money collection by your subject representatives and treasurer, do you still stop to question what exactly are you paying for? Apparently not, according to a social experiment conducted on a J2 class.


A fellow Victorian wrote $0.50 on the class list, and passed it around the class along with a foolscap money holder, in hopes of playing a prank on his fellow classmates. To our astonishment, every single person who received the name list paid up without questioning what it was for.



This thus led us to realise how students are now willing to pay whenever they are asked to, without first finding out what they are paying for. Is it really due to the trust they have for their classmates? Or is it just due to their sheer laziness to find out the reason for that payment? I, for one, am more inclined to believe in the latter as this is what I personally feel when I have to pay money for whatever reason.


As trivial as it seems, this made us ponder about how lightly teenagers like us view money nowadays. This is a growing phenomenon, where teenagers no longer appreciate the hard-earned money that their parents worked tirelessly to get, and simply just view them as pieces of papers and coins that can satisfy any material wants. Students nowadays are expected to handle our own financial issues when we are made to pay for the miscellaneous fees in school, and such practices helps to inculcate a sense of responsibility and maturity in teenagers. However, it seems that these days, we are beginning to take for granted the freedom and trust that adults have given us.


We can’t deny the fact that with greater freedom, teenagers today have proven to harness the ability of being more mature and responsible. However, there is a minority of us who should learn to cherish things more.

In closing, as we look at the recent disasters around the world such as the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal, we should really start to count our blessings and take ownership of what we have. Some minor day to day encounters can truly bring much enlightenment to individuals, don’t you think so too?

Ong Hui Jing 14S53

Shanell Choo Yi Xuan 14S53



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