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23.5.17- A day many will remember. The highly anticipated soccer finals match would take place and unfortunately, a defeat would ensue.

At about 2.45pm, streams of yellow started to fill the Jalan Besar stadium. In the near distance, a sea of blue started to occupy the opposite end of the stadium. Supportive peers from VJC and MJC respectively, slowly made their way down to cheer the Soccer Boys on in their battle for the championship title.

Spontaneous cheers from the schools echoed throughout the stadium as the match started. Occasional exclamations and shrieks could be heard when players got injured as well as when the ball inched its way nearer and nearer to the goalposts.

The first half of the game saw both teams with a draw score of 0-0. This left the teams as well as the spectators anxious and apprehensive for the remaining half of the game.

The game intensified as the second half of the game began. The initial part of the game still had no progress and scores remained stagnant. However, towards the last 30 minutes of the game, MJC successfully scored a goal and this sent thunderous cheers emerging from the MJ side. This was followed by a goal scored on the Victorian side, which equalized the score.

At this moment, everyone was buzzing with excitement and was a bundle of nerves. Who will win? No one really knew.

Unfortunately, the tie in the match score did not last long as MJ then scored two more goals, resulting in a defeat on VJ’s side.

Sitting among the spectators, Haziq Ruzaiman from 17A14 remarked that he felt “proud of the boys; they have fought painstakingly hard and have given their utmost best”.

When interviewed, Soccer Captain Desmond Chia remarked that his team put up a extremely ‘high-spirited performance’ and that despite being one man down, ‘they strived on’. He added that he was ‘really proud’ of his team and how they ‘played against the odds’. He added that he ‘would like to thank all [their] coaches – Mr Tan, Mr Lim, Mr Lawrence Lee for their guidance throughout this journey, [their] teachers for always putting up with [them]  missing lessons or failing to do tutorials and most importantly, the whole VJC crowd and Students Council who never fail to show up for [their] matches.’

Although VJ did not win in the end, the players definitely put in their best. What is most important is that they fought with the Victorian spirit and exemplified resilience and perseverance throughout the game.

If you would like a more detailed analysis and critique of the game, please visit the link here!

Article by:
Karissa Chong, 17A14
Isabel Joy Kua Hui Qi, 17A14
Ong Yong En, 17A14
Detailed analysis by Ryan Low of 17S62


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