Did you know that our Houses are named after animal constellations? Namely, Aquila the Eagle, Draco the Dragon, Lynx the Wild Cat, the mythical Phoenix and Pegasus and Ursa the bear. In light of the upcoming House Elections, we decided to interview with our House Captain nominees on which animals they would compare themselves to. Read on to find out more about our House nominees!



Just like an eagle who is able to use the winds in the sky to reach high altitudes that most birds cannot reach, Ashraf is someone who is able to view difficulties as opportunities to improve himself. Comparing himself to an eagle whose great eyesight allows it to maintain focus on its prey on the ground despite being high up in the sky, he is able to rise above the chaos of daily life and continue focusing on his goals.

The legacy Ashraf would want to leave behind is for House to play more prominent role in the daily lives of Victorians. Just like how most Victorians identify each other by their classes, he wants to to strengthen the House spirit such that House becomes part of our Victorian identity in everyday lives, not just a feature in major school events.



Despite her fear of this uninvited guest at home and her uncertainty if it is considered an animal, Charlene considers the persistence of a lizard to be representative of her. Just like how its tail can always grow back when trampled on, she is someone who can get back up on her feet in the face of challenges and curveballs.

The legacy Charlene would want to leave behind is for Victorians to embrace the ‘Work hard, Play hard’ culture. She hopes that Victorians will remember House as a community where they can find joy after working hard in school.


Aside from being extremely social animals who are playful and curious, dolphins are also caring and protective creatures who are willing to help anyone in need, including other species. Similar to these qualities of dolphins, Livia cares a lot about people around her, regardless of who they are. She is also an approachable person who takes delight in lightening the mood to make everyone comfortable.

The legacy Livia would want to leave behind is to influence people to have more empathy for one another, be thankful for what they have and be supportive of one another. She hopes to use House as a platform to form stronger bonds with the student population such that House can be a community that Victorians can rely on.


Approachable and protective of her loved ones, Tessa likens herself to a bear, even though she is not from Ursa. She can be soft and fun but when the situation arises, she can also be strong and firm. She added with a grin, “I’m also unbearably good at giving hugs due to my bear-y broad shoulders and warmth.”

The legacy Tessa would want to leave behind is to ‘aspire to inspire’, as mentioned in her speech when she was running for SC. She wants to inspire Victorians, regardless of their House, by making a difference in their lives. By inculcating a stronger House spirit, she hopes that Victorians can remember House fondly as a significant part of their life in VJ. She also mentioned, “Although it might sound ambitious, I would like to make House synonymous with VJ.”


Known for being bubbly, cheery and full of fun, Tim, who likens himself to a seal, would like to spread this energy to the rest of Draco. Seals are also excellent hunters, reflecting how he would be serious when necessary. He also added, “Seals are just super cute.

Tim thinks that ‘legacy’ is a powerful word and it is difficult to achieve. However, he believes that he will be able to at least leave a powerful impact on Draco as its House Captain. Apart from cultivating a stronger sense of House Spirit in Draco, he would like to firmly establish the ‘Work hard, Play hard’ motto of VJ through the House activities so that Victorians will go all out and have fun with their Houses.



Like a cat, Cladys considers herself as one who is independent and adventurous. She is also very active and loves finding fun in everything that she does. She added happily, “Pretty apt if you ask me since I’m from Lynx.”

The legacy Cladys would want to leave behind is that she wants Victorians to strongly believe in the idea of House. She wants House to be a place where they can relax and have fun, a place where they meet new people and find friends they can trust and depend on, where they find a family they can depend on for love and support. She thinks that this is the kind of environment she would like to create as a House Captain and this is the kind of legacy she wants to leave behind.


Outgoing, warm and friendly, Jermaine thinks that these traits of otters describe her really well.

The legacy Jermaine would want to leave behind, should she be elected as Lynx’s House Captain, is to be remembered for her enthusiasm, sincerity and compassion.


Similar to a wolf, Shema thinks that she is a courageous individual who is willing to jump outside of her comfort zone to try something new. Just like how a wolf cares for its pack, she is very protective of her friends and will try her best to care for them. Amidst all the chaos in the world, a wolf enjoys solitude which she believes is important when clarity of mind is necessary, to “take a step back, relax and just observe”.

The legacy Shema would want to leave behind is for Victorians to remember House as a community that one can always rely on. She would like to be remembered as someone who is loyal to House and a House Captain people are comfortable to confide in.



Friendly creatures who are always smiling and  communicating with one another, dolphins are always having a good time. Dolphins have been Elijah’s favourite animal for most part of his life, featuring for the most parts in his favourite memories, he truly think that dolphins represent who he is – a fun and enthusiastic person.

The legacy Elijah would want to leave behind is to be a House Captain who is always happy to chat and one which all Victorians can look up to.  “Though not literally, thanks to my height,” he jokingly added. He feels that being able to share his smile with everyone in his house and maybe even beyond, is a legacy he is more than happy to leave behind.


Although ‘Pegasus’ is screaming to be picked, Ianzo decided to compare himself to a bee because of its association with hardwork and its ability to work as a team with the rest of the colony. For now he is a normal working bee, but perhaps after next week, he light-heartedly said, “I could be the Queen Bee of Pegasus.”

The legacy Ianzo would want to leave behind is for him and the rest of the Hoose Captains to make a positive impact, allowing House to be more enjoyable and fulfilling to Victorians.


Rahul likens himself to a horse, a symbol of freedom, as he really values the personal opinions of individuals. He added, “I am also born in the year of the horse.”

The legacy Rahul would want to leave behind is to make House an additional family that Victorians can rely on.


Jeremy—German Shepherd

Despite their scary appearance, German Shepherds can still be playful and nice to those who are well acquainted with them. Aligning himself to the idea that dogs have a sense of loyalty and how German Shepherds, being a police dog species, regularly put their lives on the line to protect their handlers and friends, Jeremy mentions that he would always offer loyalty and protection to his friends.

The legacy Jeremy would want to leave behind is that he wishes to be remembered as a House Captain who can brighten people’s day on the small scale by frequently talking to Victorians in Phoenix and rally them to be participative and “downright HYPE” for all school events.


Not only are horses energetic, passionate and warm-hearted, they are also strong and free-spirited. Renee believes she is like a horse in these aspects and she also “loves vegetables just like this herbivore.

The legacy Renee would want to leave behind is for Victorians to have lasting, fun memories from House, which she hopes they can bring with them everywhere they go, even if they might not remember which House they had been in in the future.

Wee Jen—Dove

Known to be loyal and friendly birds, Wee Jen feels that doves align with her personality. Just like how doves are calm and able to lighten up one’s mood, she feels that she is also someone who is able to patiently provide a listening ear to the people around her and give them the support they need .

The legacy Wee Jen would want to leave behind is for House to be a more supportive and bonded community, allowing for the cultivation of a stronger Victorian Spirit. She really hopes to be able to further strengthen the House spirit, as well as the sense of belonging Victorians have to their House. She feels that this is crucial for the potential House captains to work on bringing everyone in the House closer together, before the new batches of Victorians enter the college, who she hope will have good first impression of the Victorian House spirit when they are introduced to their Houses. She also hopes that this will motivate the future batches of Victorians to continue maintaining and strengthening the House spirit and most importantly, the Victorian culture.



Benjamin believes that donkeys, who are typically looked down on as the lesser version of horses, are in fact, more intelligent than horses. He likens himself to donkeys as they are social animals who would be dispirited without affection from their counterparts.

The legacy Benjamin would want to leave behind is to strengthen the House spirit through more interactions between the classes, such that Victorians will have a stronger affinity with their House and the “House Spirit” will be as strong as the “Victorian Spirit”.

Jing Xuan—Meerkat

Unsure of which animal she would compare herself to, Jing Xuan decided to take a quiz. She agrees that she is a people-centric person who enjoys getting to know the masses around her, similar to the sociable behaviour meerkats are known for. With this thought in mind, she advised, “You never know what others might be going through and it can be really tough sometimes.” Jing Xuan encourages us to extend a helping hand to others, understanding that only by involving ourselves in others’ situations and viewing the issue from their perspective, will we truly know their perspectives.

The legacy Jing Xuan would want to leave behind is for House to provide Victorians a community just like their classes and CCAs where there is a strong sense of belonging. She believes that strangers are friends who just haven’t met yet. She would like to break this barrier of ‘being strangers’ and hopefully bond people within Hoose and push people out of their comfort zones. She wants Victorians to make the most out of their time in VJ because all of us are only going to be 17, 18, 19, or older once in our lives. If we don’t do the things we want to do now, we’ll never be able to return to this moment.


Karan would compare himself to a Quokka. (He reassured us, “Yes, it is an animal.”) Just like the Quokka, he feels that he is a friendly and outgoing person who, at times, can be shy. Nonetheless, Quokkas are resilient animals who are determined to do everything they can to survive, similar to his determination to accomplish his goals.

The legacy Karan would want to leave behind is the creation of a stronger House spirit and the inculcation of the “Play hard, work hard” motto in Victorians’ lives. He plans to address the former through smaller and more frequent house initiatives throughout the year. He feels that after Orientation, Victorians only focus on the ‘work hard’ aspect. Thus he hopes that through House initiatives, he will be able to bring back the ‘play hard’ aspect to create a good balance.


Pragya feels that she can spread warmth and love to Victorians in Ursa, just like how bears, which are also Ursa’s House identity, are able to keep themselves warm with their thick fur. Similar to the bear’s ability to see colours well, she hopes to brighten up people’s day with her positive energy and ‘’HYPENESS’’.

The legacy Pragya would want to leave behind is for Victorians to find the true meaning of Hoose and discover that the spirit of House comes from within us. She wants Victorians to treasure and remember this spirit as something that can instantly connect Victorians.


Playing a vital part in the ecosystem, ants are team players who are responsible and hardworking. Similarly, Sharlene is a dedicated hard worker filled with dedication who value-adds to what she does and is able to work well with others towards a shared goal.

The legacy Sharlene would want to leave behind is for Victorians to have a vivid memory of their House even after they leave VJ, and she hopes that House can be part of Victorians’ #WhyVJ.


In light of the wonderful insights and responses of each nominee, we wish all nominees the best for their elections! We are certain that they will continue the legacy of their preceding batch to keep the Hoose spirit strong. Do vote wisely for your next batch of House captains to keep the House spirit in VJ burning bright! Vivimus Vivamus!

Written by:
19A15 Semantha Wong
18S64 Chong Wei Jie


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