Victorian Affair is an annual event that brings an entire JC1 cohort together to celebrate the year. Last year after VA 2016, Mr Seet said that the Victorian Affair lets us end the year on the same high note as JC Orientation let us begin the year. Today, we’ll be evaluating the truth of this statement for VA 2017.

Victorian Affair 2017 had the theme: Electrify. There were three parts to the journey of a Victorian on 22nd November. First was the Outdoor Affair which was based in Sentosa. Then came the Community which took students on a wild ride with their classes across Singapore. To end the Affair night on a very high note, Victorians enjoyed the Lasting Affair which was a concert held at Vivocity Amphitheatre.

Starting off the highly anticipated Victorian Affair, was the Outdoor Affair, the segment filled with enjoyable and fun games. These activities were scattered all over Sentosa, and required classes to get to their respective destinations within the stipulated amount of time, lest their classes’ points be deducted. While this may seem like an easy task, it was definitely not so for several of the classes, with assigned stations located at opposite ends of Sentosa.

Author’s (Dora) note: For my own class, 17S38, the time taken to travel to our first and second locations exceeded the amount of time assigned to us, leading to a deduction in our class’s points. While we were initially crestfallen at having our class’s points deducted, the onslaught of exciting activities my class participated in eventually made up for the disappointment. Soon enough, we were all in high spirits again!

Below is an introduction to a few games that were organised and facilitated by the Game Masters.

Class playing the game modelled after Running Man

Situated right on the sandy shores of Sentosa, is a game modelled after Running Man. All players had a string attached to their shirts using tape, and students from Class B would have to tear out the strings from Class A to earn a point for Class B. In a twist, the role of a healer was also introduced, where this person had the ability to re-attach strings onto the shirts of the members who have lost them, allowing them another chance to return and participate in the game.

To reduce the chances of their strings being stolen, several classes too came up with various interesting strategies, such as twisting and winding the string and securing it with a lot of tape, and for girls, obscuring the tiny string with their hair. This made it harder for the opponent to even spot it, much less be able to grab it.

Player kicking his shoe onto the designated board

Another game conducted by the Game Masters was one that involved having to kick off one’s shoe after spinning ten times, into a designated area. However, being able to kick one’s shoes into the given boundaries was not enough, as the amount of points awarded varied, based on the different places the shoes landed on. In an effort to gain hundreds of points at one go, 17S46 challenged the game masters and tried to kick the shoes from across the small pond-like area into the designated area. After two tries, the third try was a miraculous success, much to the joy of the class and the reluctance of the game masters.

Game Master giving instructions to players on the game modelled after Word Unscrambler

The third game on the list would be akin to the game of Word Unscrambler, except players would have letters plastered to the back of their shirts, and would have to continually run around to avoid having their letters seen by the opposing team.

To spice things up even more, the games were also interspersed with several challenges given by the Game Masters, after the completion of the respective stations.

Author’s (Dora) note: In total, my own class, 17S38, was given three challenges. The first challenge assigned to our class was the Rock Concert Challenge, where people in our class have to play the role of members of a rock band, while the rest of the class acted out the part of audience members, jamming out to the songs played. The second challenge our class had to complete was the Song Challenge, where each person had to say a single line from a song. The next and final challenge given to our class was the Mannequin Challenge, where everyone had to remain frozen while a video was filmed.

Overall, the Outdoor Affair was an extremely enjoyable and memorable one, where well-thought-out activities served to encourage class bonding, allowing everyone to work in tandem. While winning the games was definitely the objective of most, if not all, classes, the other objective of creating memories with the class was achieved without a doubt.

Community Affair

After the exciting morning, Victorians slowly dispersed and travelled to their respective locations along the Circle Line. After having a hearty lunch as a class, it was now time for Community Affair. Compared to the vigorous activities in the morning, this segment was much more laid-back. It focused more on giving back to society through raising awareness for a good cause. Last year’s Community Affair focused on filial piety; this year, our school had collaborated with the Yellow Ribbon Project to evoke empathy for ex-convicts.

Every year, 9000 ex-offenders are released from the various Prisons and Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Singapore, but the real challenge begins the day they leave the prison as they face difficulties overcoming societal discrimination. Some difficulties include finding a job and cold treatment from the public due to their past mistakes. The Yellow Ribbon Project seeks to engage the community in giving ex-offenders a second chance at life and to inspire a ripple effect of concerted community action to support ex-offenders and their families. Through Community Affair, Victorians hoped to make a difference to the lives of these ex-convicts by getting more Singaporeans involved in this Yellow Ribbon Project.

In their classes, Victorians went around areas such as Holland Village and Bugis, approaching members of the public to share more information about the Yellow Ribbon Project. They were then given postcards to pen down how they would help ex-offenders during their rehabilitation journey. Interested Singaporeans were also encouraged to join the Yellow Ribbon Volunteer Programme. To end it off, members of the public were presented with a yellow ribbon for them to pin onto their clothes or bags to show their support for the cause.

It was heart-warming to see Victorians enthusiastically carrying out their tasks and the results brought a bigger smile to our faces. Reading the messages from the public to the ex-convicts, it was heartening to see that many Singaporeans were willing to lend a helping hand in welcoming back the ex-convicts. Some responses included providing these ex-convicts free classes to equip them with skills to get better jobs while some were simple but greatly appreciated acts of kindness, such as giving them a friendly word of encouragement.

Community Affair was certainly an impactful segment of the Victorian Affair and it was meaningful for Victorians to end off their J1 with this activity. The morning activities brought the class closer together but that afternoon brought us closer to the community we live in.

Lasting Affair

Victorians then headed back to Vivocity Amphitheatre for the Lasting Affair. It had started raining heavily. Yet, our spirits were not dampened. Victorians banded together and shared umbrellas and ponchos. Shoutout to the student councillors and members of the ad-hoc committee who ferried Victorians who were caught in the rain from the mall to the stage! We noticed you!

A night of exhilarating music was awaiting the Victorians. Low lights and music so loud you felt it beat alongside your heart were just some of the defining characteristics of the Lasting Affair. The smooth flow of the performances, which transitioned seamlessly, in the event pointed to the hard work and foresight implemented by the planning committee.

Planning committee for the Victorian Affair

Not necessarily in chronological order, let’s give you a rundown of the performances during Lasting Affair.

Several VJC students performed. Be it dance, music, their talent wowed us all. Fine Pine, a group from 17S33 certainly performed their hearts out. Singing pop songs that certainly got everyone waving their arms, it is thanks to them that our adrenaline got going. They sang Photograph by Ed Sheeran, Havana by Camila Cabello,  Location by Khalid, Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, Love Story by Taylor Swift, Club Can’t Handle Me by Flo Rida, Dynamite by Taoi Cruz.

With Memory’s cute yet power-packed KPOP performance, some of the audience members definitely got their groove going.  They performed a dance mashup to the songs Happiness, Red Flavor, Crush, As If It’s Your Last, Like Ooh-Ahh. These got a wild reaction from the crowd!

Also VJD came to slay! VJ Dance put up creative pieces with lots of contemporary, jazz, hip hop and street dance. They performed twice with the first time to popular songs like Diamonds, Don’t be so hard on yourself, What about us? and Instruction.  The second time was to New Rules by Dua Lipa,  Baby Baby by Tropkillaz and Go Hard or Go Home by Wiz Khalifa and Iggy Azalea. Le from 17S46 deserves a special shoutout as he popped his way to deafening cheers!

Classified comprising Luke, Thaveesha, Erin, Ryan, Tabitha and Nadiyah performed amazingly well with Everybody Talks by Neon Trees and Next Year by Two Door Cinema Club. They have definitely gained a lot of popularity since their debut earlier this year and they definitely melted the crowd’s hearts!

Sleepyhead with Caitlyn on the keyboard, Dharesan on the guitar, Nicky on the drums and Lynette on vocals got everyone to take out their phones with flashlights blazing with their beautiful serenades. They sang This Love by Maroon 5 and Yellow by Coldplay. People were having a blast singing along with Lynette’s wonderful vocals.

Also who can forget the brave duos and soloists? Eu jin’s performance of ‘If I had you’ by Adam Lambert was a definition of stage presence. Her passionate singing and the beats got all of us screaming.  

Yang Chenyu from 17S49 got his very own moshpit and it was amazing to witness his confidence. He sang Xiao Xing Yun and Time Is Running Out by Muse.Loved the selfie move he did with his fans too!

Nicole, ODAC’s resident secretary from 17S37, performed Stay by Alessia Cara and Counting Stars by One Republic. It was truly inspiring to see her overcome her nervousness and deliver a banging performance!

Aida, VJ’s talented resident performer, moving the cohort

Aida, our resident singer, once again delivered a stunning performance with I’m A Mess and You Need Me I Don’t Need You by Ed Sheeran. Not to forget, Tammie Lim’s debut in VJ was heartening and her incredible amount of talent was truly inspiring as she performed Dancing in the Moonlight and Radar, an original song. She is also part of the adhoc committee that took on the enormous task of organising VA.

Sofie and Xin Long impressed everyone with their melodious renditions of I Won’t give up by Jason Mraz and Dancing on my own by Callum Scott. Their performance was honestly on par with professionals.

Speaking of professionals, MICapella came to heighten our spirits further!

MICappella raised the roof during Lasting Affair

With their unique introduction that perfectly showed their skills, the crowd went crazy. Performing popular songs without the aid of any instrument besides their voices, this crazy talented group, comprising (clockwise from left) Peter Huang, Goh Mingwei, Calin Wong, Juni Goh, Tay Kexin and Eugene Yi ,got our adrenaline rushing. Their humour on stage made their performance all the more better as we all remained amazed at their mind blowing performance as they performed Love me like you do, Bu Pa Ji Bai, You and I, I’m Yours and Happy.

Fun Fact: Calin Wong (extreme right) was a student from 03A55! Visit their YouTube channel here to see more of their amazing work!

Nomad’s Island is an alumni band who were from the 2014 batch. With Vanessa Kee on the vocals, they performed Forget You, Perfect by Ed Sheeran and You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. The nostalgic Taylor Swift’s “You belong with Me” brought teachers and students together in a quintessential bonding activity: raving.

Hannah and Friends are an alumni group who ended the night. Fun fact: Hannah has actually won the bronze medal in the 2015 SEA Games. What a multi-talented Victorian! With their pop classics, none of us could resist raving to their songs. As they mentioned that they were down to their last song, loud boos could be heard. People were especially reluctant to stop the rave at the moshpit.

Aiding in keeping morale high were the three emcees for the night, Jordan, Michelle, and Jo, who managed to make sure that everyone was ‘super hyped’, as one interviewee put it. Another interviewee said that The Victorian Affair managed to bring the cohort closer together, allowing peers to spend quality time with one another, and provided for the perfect end to a stressful and eventful first year at VJC.

The Emcees for Lasting Affair 2017

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end. This day would not have been where it was if not for the adhoc committee, other CCAs, student councillors and the teachers’ endless efforts.

Final Judgement: Indeed, Victorian Affair was a fantastic way to end the school year on the same high note that we started it on. Mr Seet’s statement remains true! Have a great holiday everyone!

Exclusive Segment

We have asked Jasmine from the adhoc committee a couple questions.

Question: What did you enjoy the most about the planning process?

Jasmine: I enjoyed the sessions we had as a complete ad-hoc with the teachers. Although these sessions are kept to the bare minimum since not everyone can be there at the same time, I really learnt a lot during these meetings. VA is split up into 3 different communities and during these sharing sessions, we got to know the progress of the others. We would give and receive feedback on what needs to be changed and improved on. Therefore, these sessions allowed me to see the flaws in our proposal and modify it such that it is more comprehensive as compared to the previous one.

Question: What would you like to say to the JC1 cohort two weeks after the event?

I hope the JC1 cohort had a blast during VA and they took away precious memories that would last them for a lifetime. However, I also hope that they would become aware of the huge effort that both the ad-hoc and the teachers had placed into VA to make it such a success. We started working on it around mid-August. Countless emails were sent out, many hours were spent on Skype and numerous sacrifices were made just so that Victorians could have fun. I hope that the cohort is more aware of the amount of work behind the fun fare and that they would participate actively in similar events that would be coming their way!

Studio V’s Reagan Tan just released a cinematic roundup of the Victorian Affair. It is a fantastic homage to the event as we remember it two weeks later.

Also, #WhyVJ!

Article by:
Chiang Huiwen Dora, 17S38
Sim Wen Ting Denisse, 17S62
Tan Wei Jing Constance, 17S62
Rajkumar Snehaa, 17S62
Isaac Tan E, 17S52


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