JCO: Veritas 2017

“Hey Freshies!” Haikal Afiq of the 33rd Students Council welcomed the new batch of Victorians, with a cheerful smile on his face.

Students donning their Secondary school Uniforms; with IP students already clad in the VJC uniform, streamed into the hall. With the friendly OGLs guiding them to their respective Sub-OGs, some used this time to catch up with friends, while others inhaled the sea of unfamiliar faces. Our Principal, Ms Ek, then welcomed the new batch of J1s, or “freshies” as they were called. Today marked the start of Veritas 2017.

Thereafter, Veritas 2017 began. OGLs guided their juniors in breaking the ice through bonding games such as Whacko and Bang! Freshies were also taught their OG cheers, which all the OGs had to perform to cap off the first day of Veritas 2017. 

The second day of orientation was more eventful than Day 1, where majority of the time was used for Admin work such as Fingerprint registration. The Inter-OG games had started, and sub-OGs were giving their all to grab as many points as possible for their OGs during games such as “Battleship”. The hyped up atmosphere was further fuelled during the mass dances, especially the infamous Friendship Dance, which we felt was a really cringe-worthy yet novel experience. We also danced to “The Nights”, which is a song commonly performed during school events.

The next day was a truly memorable one. It was the last full day where “freshies” would be with their sub-OGs, before everyone joined their classes. The inter-OG games drew to a conclusion, and Novaris was announced as the winning OG for Veritas 2017! After a series of cheers, everyone got ready for FIRED UP evening. The “freshies” jammed to performances by their seniors, singing along and raving together. The evening turned out to be a heartwarming one, which ended with the Victorian anthem and loud cheers. We “freshies” managed to get a glimpse on the Victorian experience, where we now look forward to school events in the future.

The day had arrived where “freshies” finally got to meet their new classmates, whom they would be spending the next 2 years with. Awkwardness yet eager anticipation mingled in the air. We were then brought to meet our CTs and senior classes, who shared more about their own VJC lives. Despite the initial awkwardness, the subsequent ice-breakers and amazing race drew us out of their quietness and soon, East Coast Park was punctuated with excited cheers and screams from the J1s. Games like “Avoiding the minefield” gave the new classes an opportunity to work together to accomplish challenging tasks.

The next day, the J1s were tasked to come up with ideas that would keep their classes bonded throughout 2 years. After being split into groups, each class voted on the group to represent their class. The group then presented their ideas in the form of a skit to their houses, which were judged and then the winning group got a chance to present to the school. Many of the skits were humorous, and some ideas were fresh and creative as well, such as keeping a class mosaic or a class diary. Adrenaline soared high again, as the J1s were taught their house cheers, and then went on to play games in their houses. From having to scoop balls out of a bucket while blindfolded to shaking balls out of a box tied to their waist, everyone had a whale of a time.

Veritas 2017 ended with the Sea Carnival and FOW evening. All in all, the orientation programme broke initial barriers between the J1s. Even those who initially clung to the friends they knew stepped out of their comfort zone to forge new friendships. Between screams of laughter and shouts of encouragement, foundations were laid for friendships that would last for the two years in VJC.

Fountain Of Wealth

The bass beats from “Don’t Let Me Down” rang in everyone’s ears and shook the marble flooring as anticipation growed for the official beginning of the Fountain of Wealth (FOW) event.  

Victorians were scattered all about the Fountain of Wealth, waiting for their OG mates to reach the venue.

It was the first time the J1s had ever been to a VJ event outside of school, and FOWwas especially significant, marking the end of orientation and the start of the J1s lives as Victorians! Understandably, this was a greatly anticipated event by the J1s.  

Finally everyone had arrived, and the full-on hyped dancing began!

OGs forming trains and dancing all around the fountain became a common sight, eventually merging to include people from all OGs and classes alike.  Everyone saw a new side of one another as they started busting out their best dance moves to the latest songs. Eventually, everyone gathered back at the locations designated for their OGs, waiting for the first mass dance to start.  Studio V videographers got into their positions waiting to get those perfect shots of Victorians all having a blast.

The MADICs got in place and Victorians lost all their inhibitions and got moving. The enthusiasm was infectious and everyone completed their first dance with a lot of fervour. Although some J1s still looked unsure of the steps, they more than made up for their confusion with their eager participation!

As the sun went down, the energy levels of the Victorians increased exponentially. Cheers got louder and dance moves got more intense. The Victorian spirit showed evidently as everyone had fun as one Victorian family.

The event slowly drew to a close. Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived when Avicii’s “The Nights” started playing. The music was soon drowned out, however, when everyone started chanting the names of the different dance moves while executing them.

Finally, with hoarse voices, everyone at the FOW did the “YO VJC” cheer before breaking out into a round of applause. It truly was a memorable end to an unforgettable orientation.

Article by:
Davene Lye, 17A11
Gigi Liu, 17A15
Danish Uzair, 17S44
Niyanta Chowdhury, 17S46
Lois Kok, 17S62


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