Going about our daily school lives, most of us would have noticed a bright orange van parked beside the canteen last week. Wondered what it was? Well, this van was actually from SUTD. It was filled with varying forms of technology to educate young students on the STEM field in Singapore. SUTD hopes to spark a sense of curiosity for engineering among the youth and educate them on the use of advanced technology. This is because they have come to realise the growing demand for Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Business courses as opposed to Engineering.

Last week, SUTD brought 3D printing to VJ and printed an array of trinkets for our students and teachers! Students and teachers were invited to share their designs with the manager of the van and get them printed for free! Many took this opportunity to learn and gain exposure to many 3D designing softwares such as 123D Design by Autodesk. These softwares are not only easily available online, but also free of charge! That’s right, they are FREE!

Some of our very own Victorians’ creations include a Venus Box! (If you’re wondering what a Venus Box is, it is actually a unique box that resembles one of Bender’s eyes. A cam actuates 4 doors by rotating the spherical cover or base).

A short conversation with the manager herself revealed that SUTD has expanded its outreach programmes from JC students to Primary and Secondary school students too. In fact, the support they received at Jurong Junior College and Tao Nan School (our friendly neighbour) was so overwhelming that SUTD even organized 3D printing workshops for them, where they learnt how to design and fabricate items, send their order to the machines, receive and make post design modifications. In St. Hilda’s Primary School, they even learnt how to make their very own Poke Balls! Beyond these workshops, SUTD also organises the SUTD Electric Vehicle Design Challenge, in which, our Victoria-Cedar Alliance team clinched the championship! Through these programmes, Singapore continues to build and diversify its technological landscape by bringing them to the younger generation.

After visiting the van, we walked away with a greater appreciation of how far humans have come with technology. With the development of 3D printing at such a rapid scale, where an entire office was built in just 17 days with only one person monitoring a 3D printer, we can only imagine how far this technology can take us. Perhaps building quick shelters in disaster stricken areas? Body implants using completely synthetic material? It’s so wonderful to see our dreams materializing before our eyes and this technology is just getting bigger and better. We sure can’t wait to see where this technology is going to bring us next.

If you feel inspired and fascinated after reading this article and finding out more about the van, do look out for SUTD’s future projects around Singapore! Also do consider the STEM field for your future career, it will be far more exciting than the physics equations you can’t comprehend right now!

Article by:

Rachel Lim Jia Sing, 17S31
Agrawal Juhi, 17S37
Kumaravelu Roshini, 17S52


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