As of reading this, you may not have heard Yang Siong’s unique, smooth style of singing yet. That’s going to change on Wednesday, when he will be appearing before the entire school during the lasting affair performance in his first performance ever. In this exclusive interview, we got the chance to ask VJ’s newcomer to the stage some questions; here’s how that went.

First off, while Yang Siong may be a newcomer to the stage, he is no newcomer to singing. He taught himself the piano in secondary one, practicing until he got better and better. Eventually, he started singing and writing his own songs along to the music. However, as he’s quick to point out, at the beginning it was all horrible. “There’s no such thing as talent, only effort”, he adds.

Speaking of effort, alone amongst the performers at Victorian Affair 2015, Yang Siong will be performing an original song. The lyrics are “deeply personal, as I write based on my experiences”. Furthermore, he will be performing a second song, a cover, that he also enjoys and finds meaning in. As such, I’m sure we’re going to be treated to an electrifying performance during his appearance.

When I asked Yang Siong what he thought about how self-taught musicians might compare against those who were taught music in a more formal manner, he said that personally, he feels that being free from expectations means that he’s more personally driven to practice hard and improve himself. As he says, “All that you do is up to you, for you, and as an artist, I think that’s important”.

It’s clear he’s rehearsed well and is all prepared to blow us away. I’m sure we can expect a riveting performance from Yang Siong during the Lasting Affair concert.

Ajay Nair, 15S63

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