We have all been dazzled by their stellar performances during our National Day celebration and J2 Farewell C. Their fluid motions, powerful yet stylish, come out effortlessly, evidence of hours upon hours of training. So much time spent, just for a few minutes of limelight on the stage.

Day after day, we see members of VJ Dance practicing wholeheartedly outside the Performance Theatre. Their endeavours have led VJ Dance to be one of the best dance troupes in Singapore.

Interestingly, all their dances are choreographed by the dance troupe itself. The main choreographers are Yandy, Clarissa, Amelia, Bryan, and Steven himself. Steven said that it took about a day to choreograph his sequence of dance, in which he would match the dance moves to the lyrics of a song, the defining element of lyrical dance.

Afterwards, roles will be assigned to each dancer according to the dance styles they have learnt. Each dancer has to learn three different types of dances, which is taught via external choreographers. Mrs Ting, a VJC teacher, also helps teach dance, as she is herself a latin dancer.

For VA, Fusion seems to be the main focus. Infusing elements from Lyrical Jazz, Street Style and Hip Hop, a new and refreshing dance style was created. This year’s batch of dance members are the first to attempt this type of dance, so it will be interesting to see how it will turn out. On stage, dancers will be dressed in black and white outfits, adorned by red and blue bandanas.

The troupe has practiced for this performance for weeks. “We started straight after their promos,” Steven told us.

The dance troupe takes inspiration from many sources. Their idols include local dancers such as Fredy Kosman and Xavier Teo, as well as New Zealand dance troupe Royal Family. These idols serve as inspiration for VJ Dance and spur them on in their journey.

Having witnessed their show stopping performances before, we don’t expect anything less from them for Victorian Affair especially after the hard work they have put in. They are sure to be one of the highlights of the performance so be sure to look out for them this Wednesday!

Sean Tan, 15S49

Ong Wei Siong, 15S38

Kwek Zhan Hao, 15S49


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