Band Profile:

Lee Yoo Jin: Lead Vocals

Brian Sayson: Cajon (the drum box thing, for us non-musician peasants), vocals

Daniel Ong: Guitar, vocals

Samuel Wong: Piano

The Interview:

What do you get when you mix and mash several well-known VJ performers and musicians? You get The Rejects (ft. Samson), who will be treating us with their performance this coming Wednesday! We at Victorian Press got the chance to sit down and ask them some questions to get a behind-the-scenes look at The Rejects ft. Samson; here’s what we got.

The story begins in March when Daniel and Yoo Jin signed up to audition for Music Fest as The Rejects. After that performance, they wanted to wanted to audition for the Senior Dinner and Dance in July. They recruited Samuel as a pianist and contacted Brian, who declined. The three of them auditioned anyway, but they were REJECTed (pun intended). Unfazed, the trio decided to sign up again for VA, and this time Brian agreed to join, because “Solo is too boring, and there is only so much you can do by yourself”.

While the songs being performed are kept ‘tightly under wraps’, we do know that they will be playing some songs that they have performed previously, but this time in a more upbeat and sophisticated way, because the inclusion of the piano and the cajon gives them a “fuller sound”, as Yoo Jin puts it. I for one can’t wait to hear it.

As for plans after VA, the band says that they already have ideas on how to expand. For a potential Open House performance, the band mentions having plans of taking on a drummer. Samuel says that they would get “better gear” to enrich their performance even more. They would even consider performing together for next year’s Music Fest, and events outside VJ as well. When asked why, Brian responded “They’re great. They reply to whatsapp almost instantly, even faster than my class.”

And finally, to tie back to the VA theme of ‘Colour’, we asked each member what their favourite colour is. Samuel: “Black. Because Black.” Yoo Jin: “Cadet grey (that’s grey-blue for all us non-art peasants). That’s the colour I’d like to dye my hair.” Brian: “Blue, because it is a very calm and collected colour”. Daniel: “Blue, because it’s the colour of Sayson’s bag.”

Ajay Nair, 15S63

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