Band Profile:

Justin Yip: Vocals and Guitar,                                                                                                          

Favourite Singers: Ed Sheeran and Passenger                                                                                    

Justin Law: Electric Guitar                                                                                                                

Favourite Bands: Kodaline and One Republic                                                                                          

Roy Chua: Drums                                                                                                                            

Favourite Band: CN Blue


The Interview:

The Lost Keys are no strangers to performing in front of a large crowd. The trio debuted in VJC during Music Fest, but their roots extend way back before their days in the junior college.


One morning in early 2013, Justin Law approached Roy Chua.  He wanted to form a band. By sheer coincidence, Justin Yip overheard their conversation, and voiced out his interest in joining the band.  “I don’t remember speaking much to Roy and Law before we started, it happened by pure chance,” Yip recounts with a twinkle in his eyes.


A few weeks later, during their very first practice session in a studio located near Lavender MRT, Yip’s parents happened to tag along to watch. As expected, it didn’t go all that well, and their performance went horribly off key. But, the practice was fruitful nonetheless. After their practice, Yip’s parents jokingly suggested the name “The Lost Keys”. The name stuck, and The Lost Keys were born.


Later that year, The Lost Keys debuted at the school’s Teacher’s Day Celebration. Seeking each other’s guidance and advice, The Lost Keys had spent the past few months honed their skills. They were understandably nervous. But their effort pulled off, and The Lost Keys soon became a household name in Victoria School.


“Looking back, we are especially proud of trailblazing the path for student bands,” Law points out. “The most notable that followed us was Victorian Secret.”  Victorian Secret is a band formed by a younger batch of students from Victoria School.


More than 2 years since that fateful day, it is remarkable how far the band has come. Yip only took up the guitar after The Lost Keys were formed. “Perhaps the bond we developed helped. We bonded very well by chilling out with each other. It really helped kill the stage fright and strengthen our motivation.” The trio have great chemistry, and are the best of buddies. When not with their classes, they usually huddle together in the canteen for a chat or meal.


Songs by Ed Sheeran often feature prominently in their performances. This time, they are looking to try something different. “It will be something soothing, sort of like a break in between all the other performances,” Yip says.  A very fitting end to an eventful year at VJC.

Sean Tan, 15S49

Ong Wei Siong, 15S38

Kwek Zhan Hao, 15S49

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