Band Profile

Isaac Chung: Drummer

Annabelle Lim: Vocals

Winston Lim (not related): Piano

Isabel Lee: Guitar

Tammy Choo: Vocals

The Interview

Never heard of School Escape? That’s because the Lasting Affair concert on Wednesday will be their debut performance in VJC, and from what I’ve heard at their practice sessions, it’s going to be awesome. While new, the band is comprised of five talented members who are all fired up to give us a great performance on Wednesday

The name School Escape comes from the timing of the performance. As Isabel says, “[Victorian Affair] will be the last concert of the year, and also it is finally the end of the school year, when we get to escape”. Taking their name from this, the band hopes that their performance will be a great way to end the year and usher in the holidays, a time of rest and relaxation (lies).

The band first came together when Isabel asked Isaac and Tammy to audition with her for MusicFest, but the plan fell through because, word for word, “they all blue ticked me”. For VA however, the attempts at contact appear to have been more successful, and they recruited Isaac and Winston to audition with them, to add a wider range of sound and round out their performance, and were successful. Given that this is their first appearance, the band is understandably nervous, but “mostly very excited and hyped up” to be performing in front of the entire cohort.

With this confidence, can we expect to see more from School Escape in the future? “We are confirmed performing for open house” Annabelle says, and the band plans to audition to perform at the orientation concert next year, as well as for MusicFest 2016. While there are no plans to expand the band, they have big dreams. The band is even considering auditioning for Voice Of My Generation (VOMG). VOMG is an annual inter-JC musical competition where bands, singers and musicians from across Singapore compete for the coveted first prize. This year, another band from VJ, Accrete, managed to clinch the first prize.

The band might even be thinking about performing together after JC, but it will depend on whether or not they can get any gigs, because like Tammy says, “[we’ll] have to see if they want us”. Even if they don’t get any, “it would be cool to busk on the street”, Isaac proposed, to which the other members responded affirmatively. In any case, this definitely won’t be the last we’ll be seeing of School Escape, and we’re looking forward to their appearance on Wednesday!

Ajay Nair, 15S63

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