Having performed in both Music Fest: De Stella Nova as well as Drama Night this year, Jolene Cheong is no stranger to the stage. On the night of the Lasting Affair concert, Jolene will be treating us to renditions of crowd-pleasing hits. This year’s edition of the annual concert in the Victorian Affair is put together by performers who have poured in time and effort into delivering a unique and memorable experience for us. Victorian Press took the opportunity to find out more about our performers and provide a taste of what we can expect.

Jolene, a seasoned performer, explained that the popular song picks were meant to hype up the crowd and get them energised, providing the excitement and anticipation for the last act of the Victorian Affair. This time, instead of leaning towards the mellower songs which she delivered in Music Fest, Jolene will be bringing with her a more diverse range of songs, with the inclusion of a guitar track that will increases the general appeal of the set. Another song that she is considering is Rude by Magic!. “I’ll be singing Rude in a higher key, so hopefully that will be quite interesting”, she adds.

We also got the chance to hear from Wallace Ng, who is one of the organisers in the VA ad-hoc. He hopes that it will be a “fun” experience, memorable and leave everyone going home happy. He revealed, “a lot of people have put in effort for the performances, hopefully [the J1s] will remember that”.

This year’s theme for the Victorian Affair is Spectra, depicting the vibrancy and diversity of student life VJC is home to. “I think blue represents me the most,” Jolene began with a smile. She explained that blue reminded her of the sky, which, given its vastness, reflects the unlimited possibilities we have. She adds, “it makes me feel calm and it feels like i can do anything.”

Despite the unconventional venue of the concert, Jolene’s ability to engage the audience and clear vocals will make for a lovely, rousing performance expected at any live gig.

Fiona Lee, 15A11

Photo credits: StudioV


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