We’re guessing you’ve probably already heard Iman’s voice –  She performed during Teachers’ Day and the Farewell Assembly, accompanied only by the lilting strum of her guitar. She’s probably best known for her ‘chill’ style of performance.

On her song choice, she mentioned that she was quite happy that she got ‘more freedom to choose the songs’ because she actually enjoys them, as opposed to having them chosen for her. We’re sure this will bring about a better performance that both the performer and the audience will enjoy greatly. As to what these songs are however, well, you’ll have to wait to find out.

Because this year’s theme for the Victorian Affair is Spectra, and hence has to do with colours, we asked her what her favourite colours were. They’re mint and purple. Why? Well, she feels that mint is a very pretty, “vintage” colour, and it reminds her of her favourite car – the Volkswagen Beetle, which often had a mint exterior and interior back in the 50s, so she feels like she’s transported back to that time period around stuff in that colour. As for purple, it’s been one of her favourite colours since primary school, because she ‘didn’t want to be like all the other girls’, and at one point had everything she owned in purple. Well, that individualism can indeed be seen in the fact that she’s performing solo this time round- that takes a lot of courage.

We also asked her how she felt about performing. She admitted she was a bit nervous because she doesn’t know ‘how the audience will respond to it and how well received it will be’. This might be the result of her aforementioned style of performance, which she describes as ‘laidback and cafe vibe-ish’, and may be at odds with the hyped up atmosphere of the Victorian Affair. Well, at the very least, we at the Victorian Press offer our support and our cheers.

Look out for more articles featuring performers for VA! (And get pumped up for it – it’s going to be AWESOME.)

Yeong Su Ann, 15A12

Photo credits: StudioV

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