“Unconquerable” is a series of poems written by members of the VJC Writers’ Circle during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in 2020. These poems are representative of not just the hopes we have for Victoria Junior College, but for the nation as a whole.



Come morning, the rose and gold that streak the sky will be a reminder that night has passed. And in the light, we will begin again.


Written by: Anisia Marie Papali, 19S42

See the reds, they warn of a danger.
Danger – yet we’re still standing here. 

Clutching our hearts that are bleeding red,
But our spirits have yet to be dampened.

There’s panic that spreads like a plague,
Almost as quickly as a pandemic.
Still, we try to be that unwavering pillar —
Our faces flushed red from the labour.

But you see the yellows too, don’t you?
Like brilliant suns that tell of better days.
This lugubrious journey isn’t over yet
And we still have a long track ahead.

With the warmth of yellow rays on our faces,
We must continue to remind ourselves
As we sing the words that are all too familiar:
We will continue to claim Victoria’s honour.

Yes, under the flag we stand,
Tall and proud and united.
Yes, today, tomorrow, every day
We will emerge victorious.


Written by: Alisha Ganesh, 19A11

Dawn ignites the embers once again.
Ichor liquor, liquid flame.
The fevered heart quickens the pulse
of an undying spirit and
it rises from its ashes,

Bathed in the reds and yellows
of morning’s first touch,
you arise to see it.
Its wingbeat inspirits.
The rousing anthem of your heart tells a tale
of a home to never forget,
of victories to share yet.

The glow of Helios
awakens the slumbering city —
and the people pump through the streets
in spirited salute.
Hand raised against a silent threat,
and our voices


Written by: Luisa Salminen, 19A12

I used to be scared of the dark.
Of the shadows that followed,
Creeping up the ceiling smiling down,
Tunnel eyes staring into mine.

Their slimy fingers gripping onto the edge
Scraping down my feet like nails on chalkboard.
They shoved into me and
Forced myself out,

They circled, surrounded,
Claws outstretched to my face
Just enough to feel,
But never enough to touch.
My bed sheets stained with dread.

I sat still and
Prayed for sun
For the red and yellow glow

I hoped for days to dance again,
To see the flag unfurled.
Seagulls soaring high and blue with the sea
Breeze that blew through.

At some point I would fall asleep,
The fear beating inside until
The final darkness came and then
Came forth the light.

Sunlight flooded my veins and smiled
At me with the warmth of
A new embrace.
I get out of bed,
Push the hands aside,

The start of a new day.


Written by: Kelly Low, 19A15

Where am I?
The blushes of aurora

Seemingly illuminate the way —
What is the way?

Green. Mild.
The green petals flutter

A mark of rejuvenation
To the distressed spirit, they say.

Clutching the fist of my fluttering
Heart, my feet stumbles toward 

The vast bed of thorny
Orange. Severe.

They watch and
Sway as I pass,

Throbbing along, with
Each step my slender foot took.

With each breath they drew,
I reciprocate with greater fervour.

My nerves were lulled by the
Beat beneath my sole,
The indubitable faith in my bouquet

Now what?
We rose with drive flowing
From root to sepal.
As one.


Written by: Julianne Faye Ong, 19S33

even in our darkest hours,
even if the sky is bright
but we cannot see,
our spirit cannot waver.

this cannot shake us,
this will not shake us.
a beam of illumination;
bastion of love.
we will rise up,
stronger than ever.



We wish you well.
To those who can’t see
Our reds and yellows anymore,
The flag will be waiting for you.

We wish you well.

Photos (in order of appearance)

  1. Thumbnail by Kelly Low (19A15)


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