Over the weekend of 8–9 April, several changes will take place to bus services near VJC. Victorians staying in the hostel (Victoria Hall), such as foreign students and scholars, will be the main ones affected, but so will anyone who needs to get to Victoria School from VJC.

These changes will affect Victorians on their return journey back to the hostel. The morning commute from VHall to VJC is unaffected.

Firstly, the bus stop along Marine Parade Road near Victoria School (VS), 93031, is being relocated. From 9 April, it will be shifted further up the road, nearer to the Kampung Siglap mosque.

Credits: VS & LTA

This makes it further from the traffic light, and will mean that Victorians alighting at the stop will have a longer distance to walk in order to cross the road to get to the hostel. This affects students taking buses 31, 43, 47, 48, 55 (see below), 196 and 197 to return to the hostel. Update: See below.

Victorians might then have considered taking the 55 or 135, which will loop around the back of VS and stop right in front of VS (93201). However, from 9 April, bus service 55 will no longer loop around the back of VS. Instead, it will continue straight down Marine Parade Road and continue to Upper East Coast, in a route extension.

Credits: SBST & LTA (PDF link below)

This means that Victorians taking the 55 will be subject to the longer walk as mentioned above, as they will have to get off at 93031, outside the mosque.

This leaves Victorians heading to the hostel with two main choices to get back home with minimal walking — taking the 36, which stops at Siglap Link bus stop (93149) behind VS, or taking the 135 which still loops around VS, and alight outside VS (93201).

We will update if route 135 gets amended; we suspect it might, given that the 55 and 155 which loop around VS were amended — this could be to make way for the condominium being constructed behind VS.

As said earlier, the morning commute from the hostel to VJC is unaffected in any way; Victorians can still take their usual buses from the VS bus stop to VJC. This update pertains to the journey back to VS/VHall from VJC.

Update 16/5/2017: In light of feedback and traffic conditions, from 20 May, the pedestrian crossing will be relocated. It will be nearer to the bus stop 93031, so Victorians can take the 31, 43, 47, 48, 55, 196 or 197 to VS, and will not be subjected to as long a walk any more.

Article by: Ryan Ch’ng, 16S47

For more about the amendment to bus 55, see here (PDF).



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