Hope you’re pumped up for MusicFest 2017: Transcendence because we are currently 4 days away from Concert Day! Our Finalists are in the midst of preparations for their big day on 26th April 2017 to showcase their talents.

Just a reminder before we move on:
Date: Wednesday, 26th April 2017
Registration starts at 6.00pm
Please be seated by 6.50pm

In this special feature on The Victorian Press by the MusicFest 2017 Ad-Hoc Committee, we introduce our Finalists to you!

Vocal Solo

“Why did you join MusicFest 2017?”
Aida: I joined MusicFest not because of the competition, but rather just because of the joy I find in performing on stage! :^)

“What’s something interesting about yourself?”
Aida: I’ve been writing songs for more than 5 years now! I love making my own music and telling stories through my own songs is truly my passion! I would like to think I write somewhat-average songs HAHA but I’ll let you judge for yourself through my performance this MusicFest. 😉

“Why did you join MusicFest 2017?”
Lloyd: I joined MusicFest as I really enjoy singing and have been singing almost all my life 😬. It’s also been a dream of mine to perform solo in front of a large crowd! 🎤

“Any takeaways from MusicFest 2017 so far?”
Lloyd: Be confident in yourself and enjoy every second on stage! That way you’ll own the stage easily and put up an amazing performance 😎

“Why did you join MusicFest 2017?”
Yeoshi: It’s my last year in VJ so you know, might as well just try out for everything and anything possible! 🌞 I don’t want to leave VJ regretting opportunities I never took up and so here I am with my wonky guitar trying to get right into MusicFest! 🎤 Luckily my prayers have been answered and I can finally do something I’ve always loved to do :’) 🙈

“What’s something interesting about yourself?”
Yeoshi: I actually legitimately have three “silver teeth” which people find pretty cool. They’re actually crowns for my cavities though HAHA. Story has it, when I was still a child, my babysitter fed me Coke instead of milk HAHAHAH. 🍼🌚 Also, I watched 13 Reasons Why and it’s AMAZING.

Vocal Group

“How did you guys come together as a group?”
Carissa: Haha well, I met Manasa in tennis. I’ve always known Manasa had a passion for singing and that she performed in MF last year. Sometimes when she sang a song I knew or hummed a familiar tune, I’d harmonize or sing along and it was always great fun. So when MF auditions were announced we sort of just got together, chose a song and went for it 🙈

“Your reason for joining MusicFest 2017?”
Manasa: I love performing, showcasing my skills and my sole goal is to make sure people enjoy watching/listening to the performance. Last year I was in the finals as a soloist but this year I’m singing with Carissa and I’m so glad I got the chance to do so. Carissa and I share such good vibes and play off each other’s dynamics  well so I really wanted to sing with her 💕(she has such a good voice pls I’m honoured)

“How did your group name came about?”
Supersonic Baes: We came out with our group name last year before we went for VA audition. My Chinese name has a character 超 which means “super” in English, whereas Xinbei’s name sounds like the word ‘bae’ in English. And since we are a vocal group, we wanted our group name to be related to sound. In the end, we incorporated the Chinese characters in our name and came out with “Supersonic Baes”.

“How did you guys come together as a group?”
Supersonic Baes: Last year by chance we both went to participate in the Voice of China competition and both got in the semi finals in Singapore. We discover the music talent of each other and we share the common love for music, so later we became very good friends and always came together to practice singing. Before last year’s VA, both of us wanted to give it a try and found each other to be the perfect partner in singing, as our voice complement each other and blend together very well. We finally gave a successful performance on VA, and we want to show our love for music in this year’s MF. In light of this year’s theme Transcendence, we specially selected songs of different styles to show how music has helped both of us progress and grow.

“How did your group name come about?”
Venti: Well, it’s pretty dumb actually, but I think the fact that it’s so dumb, it suits us. We’re called Venti cause the song we’re doing is by Ariana Grande , so go figure it out 😂, but it also sounds kinda cool so it works out hahah!

“How did you guys come together as a group?”
Venti: We’ve been friends since Sec 1, since we were both from Choir in Cedar, and we took the bus back after every practice so we became pretty good friends. Back in December last year, we were singing randomly on the streets like the nuisances we always are and suddenly decided “Eh, we should join MusicFest!” “Sure.” and here we are. 😀


“What made you join MusicFest 2017?”
PSYKO: We wanted to improve our dance skills and bond with our fellow CCA mates through this experience.

“How has the experience been so far?”
PSYKO: The experience has been tiring but fun. We’ve been through a lot of pain and muscle aches and tried many moves out of our comfort zone but through it all, we’ve definitely improved tremendously!

“Last words to the audience coming down for MusicFest 2017: Transcendence?”
PSYKO: Hope you enjoy our performance and especially Kane’s twerking. 😉

“How did your group name come about?”
Reliquiae: Reliquiae means to survive. In this competitive society, we must always strive our best in order to survive. Hence we came up with the group name to learn to survive and try to excel in this competition.

“How has the experience been so far?”
Reliquiae: It was rather busy and stressful as we had to choreograph the dance and coordinate it with our team. We also had to edit the music for our choreography.

“How did your group name come about?”
Iuris: Iuris means to be independent and as an all girls group, we were thinking of an ” independent ladies” theme so we went along with any word that sounded cool and matched our theme 😝🌝

“How has the experience been so far?”
Iuris: The experience has been a fulfilling one despite the many obstacles we faced such as not being sure about our concept, having one of our members injured and the lack of boys in the team to add power to our performance . But at the end of the day, we’re still proud to be able to perform on stage together as an all girls team 💪🏻👸🏼


“How did your group name come about?”
Ludic Squad: Ludic basically means undirected playfulness and we thought that describes our music the best! We love to just groove and have fun while doing so! (Squad was just ‘cause we felt like it)

“How has the experience been so far?”
Ludic Squad: Fun! The hours we spend practising together and the even longer hours spent trying to book Esplanade Silent Studio were thrilling.

“What does Music mean to you?”
Ludic Squad: More of an attitude than anything! The emotions, thoughts and feelings we have as we play all manifest into our music. So imagine the music we play to be what represents us as a band, and as people too.

“Who are your members?”
The band members are: Nadiyah Toi (bass guitarist), Luke (drummer), Erin (singer), Tabitha (keyboardist) and Thaveesha (acoustic guitarist).

“When was the band formed and how?”
Classi5ed: We were officially formed on 25th January 2017. Nadiyah has been playing the bass guitar for 8 months while Luke has been playing the drums ever since he was 12. Tabitha has been playing the piano since kindergarten and the keyboard since she was 13. The band was created due to the members’ intrinsic love for music and performance (and also the monetary benefits performing can bring). Surprisingly, both Nadiyah and Luke wanted to start a band in Secondary 3 but failed to do so, until this year, when they joined forces to recruit members for a band, intending to follow their passion and play in a band for as long as possible. We have built up a pretty sizeable fan base on Instagram (@classi5ed) and have even performed at the Esplanade Library to an adoring crowd…

“What made you join MusicFest 2017?”
Classi5ed: We haven’t had the experience of performing on stage as a band before and all of us wanted to see how it’s like. MusicFest is also a platform for us to showcase our musical ability to everyone at VJ.

“What does Transcendence mean to you?”
Classi5ed: Transcendence in this case means to surpass one’s limits and step out of your comfort zone to achieve the best result. As we practiced together as a band and worked on coordinating our parts to play the best we possibly can, this effort we put into MusicFest counts towards the journey in reaching our goals and possibly past that.

“How did your group name come about?”
Burmese Bombshells: Once upon a time, we were assembled in a humble Heavenly Wang’s, shadowed by the knowledge that our end would precede our beginning should we fail to debut with the essence of true quality. But doubt’s nascence was interrupted by an explosively dashing Burmese waiter, equipped with our drinks. He noticed our troubled looks, and understanding without knowing, gave us a rare smile with the quality of eternal reassurance. And so our newfound confidence, and the musical odyssey that followed, were and would always be intertwined with the soul of an indubitably non-fictitious Burmese Bombshell.

“What does Music mean to you?”
Burmese Bombshells: Life exists as a medium to accommodate music.


“What does music mean to you?”
Bachstring Girls: Music 🎶 is a form of expression, when words fail music speaks. It is a major part of our lives and making music not just a hobby, but a way of life. We feel that music takes people into another world 🌏, which has its own language that everyone understands.

“What’s something interesting about yourselves?”
Bachstring Girls: We are a string quartet 🎻 that made an impromptu decision to sign up for MusicFest. We were inspired by the various string quartets and pop musicians 🎸 out there and decided to perform something that we arranged ourselves. 😊

Music Videos

“What got you started on making this Music Video?”
Jared: Firstly, the song in the video is a Vocaloid song. Vocaloid is a singing software which allows anyone to write a song and have their computer sing it for them. Vocaloid gets a bad reputation because everyone thinks it’s terrible electronic autotune rubbish or associate it with anime stereotypes. Through this music video and the one before it, I want to prove that the true worth of Vocaloid is the creativity that artists have when they don’t have to worry about their music being a commercial success, by showcasing the unique themes and style of Vocaloid songs. I hope more people will find out about Vocaloid through my songs, and the bad impression will go away.

“Anything interesting share about your filming/making process?”
Jared: About 700 drawings were drawn, and I never properly researched real yoyo tricks… This concept was inspired by the looming A-levels, so I thought a song about not giving up would motivate people too.

“Anything interesting to share about your filming process?”
NØ LESS: Something interesting about our filming process is that we engaged the help of child actors whom we had to bribe with grape flavoured Yakult at times. We also wanted to pay special attention to our clothing choices and coordination of colours in the video, hence we spent much time location scouting as well as spray painting helmets for a cool aesthetic. If you noticed the recurrent use of the pastel coloured helmets and are wondering what’s the deeper meaning behind it, the truth is we have no idea too! We bought it off Carousell for $5 and thought it’d look cool in our video. However, feel free to interpret it however you like!

“Tell us about your video!”
NØ LESS: As the protagonist rushes to reunite with a childhood friend, she finds herself reflecting back on yesteryear where life was much simpler having her best friend by her side.

“What inspired this concept? Tell us about your video!”
Break-In Boys: We are the Break-In Boys from StudioV, comprising Joel Tan, Chua Kai Jun, Bryan Tan, and Ethan Lie. Formed as a result of one of our CCA chalet nights where we were locked out of our chalet and thus had to find a way to break back in, while doing that, we kept on goofing around and started singing songs out loud. We were then inspired to create our own music video, entitled “Standing in the Dark”, about a hopeless romantic who finds himself in a failing relationship. In order to set things right, he seeks the help of his three closest friends in order to find a way to win back her heart (awyeah).

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading some insightful… or even weird and wonky responses from our finalists! Do keep a lookout for them and support them in their performances during MusicFest 2017: Transcendence!

Article by:
MusicFest Adhoc 2017

Additional reporting by:
Valerie Fang, 17A13
Isabel Kua, 17A14
Karissa Chong, 17A14
Roshini, 17S52
Lois Kok, 17S62
Chan Siew Min, 17S63



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