The floodlights beamed down on us. The 9 red lanes on the track were laid out perfectly. The palpable anticipation of the starting gun fluttered around us.

On your marks. Set. Bang.

VJC’s 4×400 team consisting of Lin Pei Qin, Joie Teo, Amanda Wong and Lau Hui Miin, sprinted down the track at breakneck speed as the contingent of supporters from VCA roared their lungs out in our ever so familiar Victorian Cheers. Joie, despite having represented VJC in a football match the day before, led the charge as the first runner, clutching the golden baton and sprinting the entire 400m, before passing it on to Amanda and Hui Miin, who kept the pace of the team. Finally, Lin Pei Qin capped off the team’s valiant effort and battled hard in a photo finishing end to earn the 3rd runner up spot, one of the many medals that the VJ track team had won in the running, throwing and jumping events.     

LIN PEI QIN on her final lap for the 4×400 event that won the 3rd runner up position

“I am very proud of our team” said Pei Qin, when asked about the team’s podium finish.

“It was really challenging because our team consisted of 2 trackers and 2 cross country runners, one of whom also plays for the VJ football team. Our schedules conflicted and it was difficult to find time to train together leading up to the finals”. Yet, the team made the most of the limited time they had and practiced hard on their running, passing of the baton and teamwork to earn the podium spot. This hardwork and determination was seen in all the other events that our trackers had participated in that day.

The supporters were treated to an array of competitive events that VJC participated in such as the relay runs and the jumping events. We were all on the edge of our seats as we watched our Victorian athletes reaping the sow of their hard work, earning points for the overall score of our school. Our school athletes seemed to be inspired by the international athletes who were there too, competing for the Singapore Open that was being held during the intervals of the finals. For those who did not watch track and field often, it was a real treat to watch so many professional runners, throwers and jumpers from all over the world going head to head with such fiery competition and rivalry. The Victorians were in awe, watching our own school athletes grazing the same track as top class international athletes.

High Jumper FATIMAH ZAHRA BTE MOHD RAFIQUE’s attempt at one of her jumps. Zahra won the gold medal for High Jump with a height of 1.56m

The setting of the Singapore Sports Hub was intimidating even for the supporters, but its closed walls only served to amplify the thunderous cheers of the Victorians. Their enthusiastic roars resounded throughout the professional stadium, fueling the air with positive vibes. The Victorian spirit shone through as the sea of yellow cheered for all the VJ trackers.

It was heartening to see the sea of yellow grow, as many Victorians who have not been allocated to the finals made their way to the Sports Hub on their own to cheer on their friends after their lessons had ended. Of which, 18A12 exclaimed that although they did not have any classmates in track and field, they came down to “join in the hype, because we are one VJ family”.

Needless to say, the strong school spirit was burning bright on that day as the red shirts led the school cheer after cheer. The supporters were fiercely proud of the VJ track team. Student Councillors Lim She Jun Valerie & Kow Chloe both expressed that the track team “have done their best” and that they are “very proud” of them.

Supporters from Victoria Junior College, Cedar Girls Secondary School and Victoria School cheering our athletes on

Despite the brimming enthusiasm and the countless hours of training undergone by the trackers, the races weren’t without difficulties. Before her run, Rachel Loh had sprained her ankle and the reserve had to step in. Other runners had expressed worry at how their hectic school life had them hard pressed for training time. The pre-competition jitters were present within the team, but post-competition, the strive for excellence was clear as the trackers agreed that everyone had done their best to bring pride to the school but will work harder to achieve a better placing next year.

Let us also not forget the efforts of the trackers who participated in the events prior to the finals day for jumps, throws and in the heats. All participants played a part one way or another in achieving the team’s success this year. It is untrue to say that track and field is an individual sport; the many parts and components of the team not only contribute to the points of the team, but also emotional support for one another.

“I had many injuries [and] my progress was stagnating. However, the support from my team and my coach motivated me to push on” said triple jump silver medalist Lim Rik, who had his medal clinching jump a week before the finals.

It was truly a battle well fought as our A div Girls team emerged national second runner up and our A div boys team clinched the fourth placing. Their months of gruelling hard work and steadfast spirit has definitely inspired many Victorians. As Valerie exclaimed, “I am very proud of our competitors as they have done their best!’’ full of gusto despite having been cheering for the past few hours!

Cross Country

Bedok Reservoir Victoria Junior College has once again continued her long tradition of sporting excellence with a sweep of titles at the 2018 Cross Country Championships, bringing back the overall 4th and 3rd titles for the A Division Boys and Girls respectively. This impressive achievement is undoubtedly the product of many excellent individual showings from our trackers that brought pride and glory to the college.

As the race commenced at 9am, Victorian supporters stationed themselves at various points of the race course to cheer on the competitors. Not only did our enthusiastic supporters from the Students’ Council vouch for the Victorian (and VCA) competitors, they too made an effort to spur on our rival competitors.

One might question why – had our sense of allegiance to the college vanished? Hardly so. The throngs of support, though simple, reflected a great degree of sportsmanship displayed by Victorians. It was even noted by teachers from rival schools. They were pleasantly surprised by the warmth radiated by Victorians through the simple “press on!” and “all the way!” articulated by the supporters.

As the race came to a close, both competitors and supporters alike were ushered toward the TP central sports hall for the closing awards ceremony. Still bursting with energy and zeal, various Victorian cheers were performed by the Council supporters. Armed with the iconic VJ drum, the entire VJ population, as well as our alliance siblings, were led to riveting cheers with the leadership of the council. Beyond our sporting prowess, the legendary Victorian spirit was manifested in the spirit of excellence in the cheers, once more.

The Victorian Spirit, as it has been ever since the college’s founding, was present in full force at Bedok Reservoir while we supported our athletes. Indeed, the presence of this legendary spirit is a permanent fixture in whichever event the college is present in and continues to inspire future batches of Victorians to continue this legacy. Aaron, an aspiring candidate for the 35th Student Council, who was there as part of the VJ cheering contingent added “It was a lively and cheerful event, where everyone really gave their hearts out to support our Victorians.. It was a very encouraging atmosphere which really drove everyone to cheer their loudest for everyone present that day. I believe that it is instances like such that really showcase our Victorian Spirit and the sense of unity that binds everybody to come together to cheer. The display of support  really shows what VJ means to all of us.”

As the closing ceremony commenced, looks of jubilation, and frustration plastered the faces of many competitors receiving awards. Their expressions plainly reflected the hours of endless dedication, grit and perseverance they displayed in the lead up to the final run – the final test of their physical and mental capacity. Undoubtedly, our athletes have trained tirelessly in hopes of bringing glory to the college. For their efforts, they deserve to be recognised and thanked for their contributions.

Here are the names of the individual athletes who placed.

A Division Boys
Syed Hussein B Syed Negaib A, 17S63 (6th Place)
Timothy Liau Ke Qin, 17S55 (5th Place)
Cedric Teng Pang Ghee, 17A12 (19th Place)

A Division Girls
Lee Yi Hui Rachel, 17S64 (6th Place)
Tay Ling Yin, 17S55 (7th Place)
Melina Thebe, 18S411 (15th Place)
Wong Wai Lin Amanda, 18S62 (21st Place)

Article by:

Miuhammad Asy’raf Bin Khaizal, 18A15
Lin Hui Xin Tiffany, 18S55
Val Guo Li Yun, 18A12
Miriam Edna Yu Wing Yan, 18A11
Poh Yee Hsien Jovan, 18A11


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