BrEACHing the gap between junior and senior classes – VJ at the Beach

The 9th of February did not start off with the usual assembly in VJC’s Grand Hall. Instead, Victorians were greeted by a bright, sunny morning at Angsana Green’s lush pavilion at East Coast Park. Sea Carnival is an annual Victorian event meant to commemorate the advent of a new batch of juniors and to celebrate the transition of the previous J1 batch to becoming the senior J2 batch. Senior and junior classes gathered together, laid their mats out and sat in circles to introduce themselves to their new seniors or juniors. Pumped up by the beach vibes, many were quick to whip out their volleyballs and frisbees to start playing with their classmates. Across the field and the beach, seniors took the effort to mingle with their juniors and welcome them with the warm Victorian spirit. The Students’ Council well-planned event had begun.

It was heartwarming to see all of this. Even the trees were swayed by the camaraderie they sensed in the air. The bonding, laughter and friendships being forged? Truly magical if you think about it. Not to forget however, that the potluck was essential to breaking the ice among juniors and seniors, because what better way to relax and what better subject to converse about than food?

Beyond this, action packed activities awaited everyone in the wide array of games planned for Victorians as well! From the obstacle course to the ODAC structure, shouts of excitement and amusement (or fear of losing) ricocheted through the area.


The very first activities that pop in our minds as we reminisce the happenings during Sea Carnival would expectedly be the ODAC structure and the (extra) BIG inflatable. Indeed, they had been most memorable activities too (of course, other than the food at our class picnics).

This year’s ODAC structure was different. It submerged the thrill of wrestling into the invigorating blue sea. The excitement amongst Victorians was visible in the long queues at the ODAC structure.

This year, there was also a much bigger and tougher obstacle course for Victorians. Students started off by swinging on a rope onto the inflatable, then crawled and rolled over obstacles to reach the slide. But that was not all – they had to rock climb their way up before reaching the much-awaited slide at the end of the inflatable.

Activities were also lined up for classes to partake in, namely water olympics and land olympics. Water olympics tested the dynamic between a senior and junior class as they were required to create a comprehensive system through which they would pass water to one another. While many ended up with rivulets of water on the sides of their faces, and even splotches on their clothes, everyone was willing to relinquish a bit of their dry shirts or clean faces to have some fun. Truly, the desire to win and active participation determined the amount of fun and enjoyment one derived from playing the games.

HYPING IT UP with VJ’s very own performers

Crowds of fans were fired up as they sang along and waved their hands to the beat of Victoria’s very talented performers. Aida, Luke and Ryan took the stage with the first song “Kaleidoscope Eyes” by Panic! At the Disco. Victorians swayed and sang-along to each song as they showed their support to their favourite bands. The performances were wonderfully wrapped up by Classified, Aida and Fine Pine with an impromptu performance of “Rewrite the Stars” from the Greatest Showman. The crowd’s cheer and support for them was bright and loud like the constellations under the night sky – everyone was united by the single goal of ending the day with a blast. The crowd truly was theirs in that particular moment. What appeared to be mountains and doors between seniors and juniors were overcome as everyone sang along, unified by a single song.

The Finale

What is VJ without mass dance?

As all good things have to come to an end, and so did this year’s Sea Carnival. However, it sure was not going to end without finding out who the victorious house was for Sea Carnival. The tension in the air was almost palpable as Victorians waited to hear the name of their own house. Undoubtedly, our very own Aquila emerged victorious among the 6, and while not everyone could claim the title, the news was nevertheless met with hoots and shouts from everyone.

Certainly, our cheers never fail to “pump it up”. Fired up Victorians danced to Whiney Whiney and the Nights. The mass dances were followed by the usual Victorian Anthem, where we stood by each other, shoulder to shoulder, proudly displaying the Victorian spirit.

I am sure all those who were at the SEA carnival truly were drenched in the Victorian spirit (maybe some sweat too) and took home with them fond memories they will remember for years to come.

If this article helped you to reminisce your SEA carnival experiences and fired you up, give us a V, an I, a C, a T, an O, a R, a I, an A! Put it together what does it spell? Victoria!

We hope you enjoyed Sea Carnival 2018 as much as we did. Thank you Students’ Council and all the Orientation leaders for an amazing week of JCO! We can’t wait to see what the tides will bring for Sea Carnival 2019 for us!

Article By:
Juhi Agrawal, 17S37
Djulian Badua Naval, 17A11
Kumaravelu Roshini, 17S52 

Photo Credits:
Photography Society


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