Where has the sixth string gone to?

If you have the same thought in mind, you’re not alone. It is amusing how many people think that the name of the guitar concert does not directly correspond to the instrument itself. However, the name symbolises something more.

In music theory, a perfect fifth is the musical interval corresponding to a pair of pitches with the frequency ratio of 3:2. Stumped by all the musical jargon? Let us break it down for you: perfect fifths are exceptional in the way they produce a unique, delightful sound that is in perfect harmony with one another. In VJ, the Perfect Fifth represents the synergy of the different sections of the ensemble, where the chords blend in smoothly with the melodies of the pieces, complemented by the bass which adds some grooves to the melodious tune transiting from one bar to another.

To find out more about what Victorians can expect from the Guitar Ensemble’s concert, we interviewed the Student Conductor of the Guitar Ensemble, Dustin from 18S49. As part of the EXCO committee, Dustin has a crucial role to play in the concert, be it during the preparation or the concert itself, as he will be at the front of the stage conducting the many other members of the Guitar Ensemble.

We sat down with him to discuss the different aspects of the guitar concert: the preparation, the setlist for their concert, as well as what they hope to achieve through this concert. Through our conversation, we found that preparation for this much-anticipated concert went all the way back to last year, while they were just beginning to learn their SYF pieces – which they had also notably obtained the Certificate of Distinction recently. When asked about the challenges faced during the preparation period, Dustin noted that the biggest challenge would have to be the time constraints of JC life. Having to balance their studies as well as memorising and, more importantly, perfecting their pieces in such a short period of time would definitely have been a difficulty for many guitarists. However, with persistent hard work and determination, the Guitar Ensemble has been able to perfect their pieces beautifully, making the concert something that Victorians can definitely look forward to.

Subsequently, we asked Dustin questions regarding the concert: its theme as well as the choice of songs. It was revealed to us that the theme of the concert would be Viesta, the same theme as our Open House, celebrating the 35 years of VJC as an institution of both excellence and fun. The songs chosen by the conductors for the concert are diverse in nature, with various genres such as Japanese, Classical and Swing to look forward to. This medley of genres and cultures reflects the diversity present in VJ, tying in nicely with the concert’s theme as well. If you’re pressing for more details, this is as much as Victorian Press can reveal: some of the crowd-favourites include Kimi o Nosete, Anitra’s Dance and Rainbow Overtune. Dustin is confident that the upbeat ensemble songs would certainly get concert-goers all hyped up,  tapping their feet along to the catchy beats. The various small group performances would also be sure leave a lasting impression in the minds of all concert-goers, making this concert a memorable one.

All in all, the Perfect Fifth is not just the consonance of musical notes, but also the a proud product of all Guitar Ensemble members after all the effort they have put in. The concert itself is the very essence of teamwork. Through the beautiful, harmonious music they created – together – they will show us how they have come together to overcome the odds and strive for a common goal. Come to the Perfect Fifth for a concert you will not forget. Watch the perfect 35th unfold!

Article by:
19S62 Charmaine Leong
19S48 Di Fangqi
19S52 Muhammad Dzakir


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