The feel we got.

As the first hour of JCO elapsed on Friday, V Press reporters took the chance to ask as many questions as they could of the freshies to see what they thought about VJ and the first day of NEXUS 2016

“I feel VJ fits all my needs,” Issac told us, when asked why he chose VJ.

“There’s so many cheers. I’m having fun so far,” he added.

“Im honestly pretty scared right now. Everyone around me is new and foreign, and theres no one from my previous school in my OG. But I am hoping to meet new friends, and have a good start to my time in VJC.” said Bryan, on how he felt at the start of JCO,

We also asked some people to sum up Orientation in one word;



Farrah: Splendid

What do some of the OGL’s think about it though? We asked Ferrell Chee, vice president of SC, what he thought about the new batch of J1s.

“There are so many people, in so many different school colours…. Thankfully, they’re starting to warm up now. I think I remember most of their names; for those in my sub-OG, at least.”

“We’ve got to make them feel less comfortable, less awkward, because for them, everybody is new. We try to make them talk to each other. I’m planning to tell stories and jokes when I get some free time; maybe it will help break the ice.”

“If I had to describe in one word? FIRED UP!”

(Editor’s note: That’s two words, but that’s okay.)

Look forward to an even more exciting couple of days ahead!

Reporting by: Zhan Hao, Sean Tan, Mark Cheng, Ajay Nair



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