The Lure:

As the freshies of 2016 stepped into VJC, they must have had with them a heart full of expectation and hope – expectations and hopes that the college would live up to the image they had in their minds. Even before the commencement of the dreaded O Levels, Brandon from 16S51 had already set his sights on VJC, determined to get in. What had sealed the deal for Brandon was the rumour of good facilities in the school which turned out not to be a rumour after all. “Despite it being quite an old school,the lecture theatres are not bad and i really like the school environment” Brandon said when asked his opinion of VJC as of now.

Isaac from 16S63, on the other hand, had his eyes on the plethora of CCAs. “I really love their wide choices of CCA” said Isaac with a sparkle in his eyes. Indeed, VJC boasts 60 unique CCAs, a number that outclasses those in other colleges. It is no wonder, then, that students like Isaac are inevitably drawn to VJC. After all, who wouldn’t like to be spoilt for choice?

Also from 16S63, Venny cited a different reason altogether. For her, it was neither the school facilities nor the enrichment activities that mattered, it was the people in VJC. “ I was hesitating [choosing] between ACJC and VJC, what made the difference was the student council here. They were very good at talking and in a sense, they were what convinced me to choose VJC”. The student council had left a great impression on her and had even managed to sway her mind after one encounter. This left her with aspirations of becoming like them, and what better way to do so than to learn it from them up close.

One Unifying Force:

Now all that was before they actually came to VJC. Every single freshie from different schools all had different reasons why VJC had been listed as their first choice. However, after a mere 2 weeks in school, everyone’s reason to stay is now one and the same – the legendary Victorian spirit. This was the one unanimous answer offered when the freshies were asked what they deemed to be VJC’s best quality. Although almost all had used the term ‘legendary Victorian spirit’, when asked what this meant to them, their interpretations of it was slightly different. Jewelle from 16S43 described it as being “ one big family” while Christopher,also from 16S43, thought of it as “the spirit where we cheer for one another and support one another” . Venny, too, had something to say about it. “ I like how nobody judges you for anything. You can openly mug and no one will say anything about it.” Hanan from 16S63, aptly described the spirit using one word, “rarah”. To Ashleigh, it meant that Victorians knew how to “play hard and work hard”.

It’s simply amazing how thousands of different voices, clamouring to laud what they felt was VJCs best feature, merged into one, united cause, and after only two weeks .This, I believe, is the true power of Victoria Junior College’s legendary spirit.

Chloe Tan, 16S63

(photo credits: Leong Kai Jie, Photosoc)


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