“A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.”
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

On 25th of August, the entire school community came together as one to celebrate a significant annual event specially dedicated to honor the teachers of VJC – Teacher’s Day. On the very morning, sun rays kissed the plants, returning their virescent hues.  Students scurried along the hallways, preparing for their respective breakfast meals with their classes and the teachers-in-charge.

Certain classes organized potluck parties while others opted for takeaways.

The different combinations of food were endless and distinctive to each class. A wild array of textures laid upon the tables – from fluffy homemade chiffon cakes, freshly stir-fried udon noodles all the way to butter-laden honeyed pancakes and hearty breakfast wraps delivered from fast-food chains, the abundant spread of delicacies resembled a breakfast banquet. Students and teachers alike feasted on the treat, ushering the start of the much-anticipated celebration.

The school was all astir. Each classroom was bustling with activity, laughter and upbeat music as Victorians delighted themselves in enjoying their leisure time conversing with their teachers. Right after the sumptuous repast, students encircled around their teachers, scrambling to present their gift creations to their teachers.  The inexpensive gifts conveyed the hearts of the students to the teachers – the thoughtfulness and gratitude felt by both the receiver and giver.

Notebooks adorned with pleasant affirmations handwritten by students alongside with essential stationery equipment were collective gifts to the teachers by the class as a whole.

Naturally, the day was a timely opportunity for the students to invest time in expressing their appreciation for the teachers who authentically supported them in their endeavors and eagerly witnessed their growth throughout the academic year.

Xiaohe of 17S53 stated that: “Today we came together as a class to express gratitude towards our teachers who have worked hard in pushing us to soar to greater heights. It is important for us students to remain modest and thankful.”

It stands to reason that teachers are figures who have guided and nurtured us into being the young, educated and empathetic men and women we are today. As inspirers and engagers, they play prominent roles in shaping our lives. Devoting a day to them is indispensably purposeful.

The excitement, however, did not end just like this, for the highly anticipated ‘Teachers’ Day Concert’ was up next! The hall was quickly filled with Victorians, all eager for the program to begin and have their teachers enjoy what was in store for them.

The first activity assigned for teachers’ participation was a ‘Paper Plane’ contest on who could make the best paper plane and fly it the furthest. We are sure that both Victorians and the teachers who participated in this activity had tremendous fun. For students, it was fun to watch our teachers racing against time to construct the best Paper Plane, and seeing them compete against each other’s paper plane. For the teachers, we are sure it was a fun time to let loose and laugh about the success or failure of their plane to fly great distances.

This time, another opportunity for Victorians to flaunt their knowledge about their teachers, followed. Victorians, did you have fun guessing which piece of information suited which teacher? Most importantly, the purpose of this activity was to help foster greater understanding between Victorians and their school mentors, who know Victorians in-and-out, listening to our complaints and troubles, and helping us on every step of the way. Indeed, according to Mr Heman Kwok, “the part where facts about teachers are shared was a good segment in which the organizing students put in much effort to know their teachers better.” Hence, we are glad that the teachers appreciated our efforts to get to understand them better.

Time flies when one is having fun. The last performance was a dance performance by Victoria Junior College’s own dancers who had participated in a dance competition. They put on an extremely good and stable live performance, dancing and singing in Chinese to EXO’s ‘Overdose’. Everyone enjoyed it ; it was evident from the loud cheers and enthusiastic support from the audience. There could not be a better gift to the teachers after such a heartwarming performance put up by their own students.

As remarked by one of the students we interviewed, “I really enjoyed the concert, and hope the teachers enjoyed it as much as I did. I also hoped that we managed to make this day an unforgettable one for our teachers, and enabled them to have a deserving break today with all the laughter and excitement.”

Indeed, our gratitude to our teachers on a one day celebration is never sufficient to repay them for their efforts throughout the year in guiding and nurturing us to become better people. They are the pillars of not only the school, but also of our lives. With that, thank you teachers and we hope that both teachers and Victorians had a fulfilling Teacher’s Day experience!

Article by:
Tan Wei Jing Constance, 17S62
Crystal Teo, 17S31


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