The 2017 National Inter-school Taekwondo Championships organised by the Singapore Taekwondo Federation culminated last Friday with our very own VJC Taekwondo Team putting up a good performance that helped them garner a respectable result. Below are the outstanding results that VJC’s Taekwondo team managed to attain:

Yellow Green Male — 1st
Green Blue Female — 4th
Blue Brown Female — 3rd
Brown Female — 2nd
Black Female — 1st

Lim Boon Hai (Yellow Green) — 4th
Lim Boon Hai (Green) — 4th
Lin Hui Wen (Blue) — 4th
Kwong Shuen (Black) — 1st

To get to better understand how they felt about their performance, VPress’ very own Suan Kai and James Tan sat down with three members of the Taekwondo team, Amanda Tan of 16S35, Lim Boon Hai of 16S53 and Tyrohnn Hira of 17S55, for a mini Q&A session during one of their weekly trainings.

Q: Were you satisfied with your results this year? Was the team’s results this year an improvement from before?
A: (Amanda) Yes, I would say that I am satisfied with my results. For the team, we thought we would perform better than our seniors and hopefully take home an overall trophy. We definitely expected more but our competitors this year were still better than us. It was a really tough fight, but, as quoted from our captain Kenwi Seah, “Winning isn’t everything”, given the fact that we all worked very hard.

Q: What do you think contributed to your satisfactory results?
A: (Amanda) I definitely felt training did a major part in that. Another factor would be seeing others working hard. I see others working so hard, I also would spur myself to work hard mah!

Q: Was there any aspect of the team and its performance that you think needed improvement?
A: (Amanda) I felt that although everyone put in an effort during trainings, not everyone worked very hard and put in their best or gave the constant motivation to their teammates that was essential for a group performance.

Q: What were the difficulties that you and your CCA mates face in preparation for the competition? How did you manage to overcome it?
A: (Boon Hai) There were a couple of times where trainings were really exhausting and we were drained of all energy, but the coached constantly spurred us on to do our very best, which really helped us a lot and made us forget about all the fatigue.

Q: Tyrohnn, what do you think you can work on over the next year to help you better prepare yourself for 2018’s competition?
A: (Tyrohnn) I may train outside of the CCA and go for the extra external trainings on weekends that my seniors went. Maybe I will do some stretching at home too! (laughter)

The answers that all three of them gave really showed the commitment and dedication they had for the sport of taekwondo and we could definitely picture the undying fighting spirit within them that they had displayed during the competition week. Intrigued by the answers they had given, both of us were keen on finding out their perspective of the Taekwondo CCA, what exactly made them passionate for it as well as how much they loved the sport. Hence, we came up with the following questions, and here were the responses:

Q: How would you describe your taekwondo CCA?
A: (Amanda, Boon Hai & Tyrohnn) United… #taekthemdown… and… cancerous!!! (laughter)

Q: In one word, what do you think is the spirit of this CCA?
A: (Boon Hai) Disciplined.

Q: What about the CCA culture? What’s it like?
A: (Amanda) Work hard play hard. It’s actually not very strict. It’s really fun.
A: (Boon Hai) The CCA is really special too. The fact that we are much smaller makes us very much more bonded.

Q: What motivated you to take up taekwondo?
A: (Tyrohnn) I’ll say that it was due to curiosity, mainly because I had never been in a sports CCA before and competed in sports events, so I felt this was a golden opportunity for me to learn something new, something different.

Q: How would you describe your experience so far in this taekwondo journey?
A: (Tyrohnn) It was really fun but at the same time hectic. Yet, right from the first few weeks I thoroughly enjoyed the process of training for the competition and definitely looked forward to training sessions.
A: (Amanda) Hmm… #whyvj (laughter)! But overall I would say that it has been pretty rewarding, especially seeing how much I have improved since the start of last year.

Q: To the seniors, would you continue to be involved in Taekwondo after leaving VJC?
A: (Boon Hai) Oh yes of course. I will continue my taekwondo journey in future outside of VJC.
A: (Amanda) Yeah, me too.

Q: And would you come back and visit the CCA after you leave the school?
A: (Boon Hai & Amanda) YES. I will come back to the CCA.
A: (Amanda) I will make sure the juniors get the overall trophy next year.

Q: Lastly, any advice you would like to give to your juniors?
A: (Boon Hai) The most important thing is to have fun while training. Yes, just go and have fun. That is key.

“Although walking is not safe, standing around is tiring. So your legs must one appear one disappear. You can’t LiVE if you don’t BELIEVE” —VJ Taekwondo

Article by:
Tan Suan Kai, 17S49
James Tan, 17S51


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