Pondering over whether you should get tickets to this year’s SOV? Read on to find out more about what you can expect as an audience. A small heads up: it’s not a show you’d want to miss.

The theme for this year’s SOV is centred around roses, which will be explored in the second half of the concert. This concept will be expressed not only in the lyrics of songs, but also in the presentation and choreography of the performances.

If you have attended SOV last year, you would know that it is not a concert to be missed. Is it worth going again for the second time this year? The answer is definitely a resounding “yes”. This year, there are a lot of songs that are different from the standard choral music, each with its own unique style and flavour. From vibrant choreography to entertaining skits and even musical instruments, this year’s SOV definitely will be captivating to all audience members, be it a first-timer or regular concert-goer.

To find out more about the preparations that have went into SOV 2019, we interviewed Adi and Joel, who are both part of the Exco committee of VJChoir.

Q: How has VJChoir been preparing for SOV?

Each choir member has been preparing hard for SOV – from practices on Mondays, Wednesdays both lasting 3 hours, to 7-hour practice sessions every Saturday. Under the guidance of our conductors, we have put in all that we’ve got to perfect the songs. Moreover, we have to follow our food ban prior to the concert to protect our voices. All of us have worked really hard for SOV, so do get your tickets to support the members!

Q: What will SOV leave the audience feeling?

Joel: Honestly, I think the beauty of music is that it really allows for infinite number of interpretations. The same piece can evoke completely different feelings from person to person, depending on their life experiences. And so, my answer to your question is that for the audience, SOV is a platform to relieve their burdens in life and indulge in choral music that is soothing and cathartic. If you’re feeling emotional, you might even cry! It would be a unique experience, especially since people do not listen to choral music on a daily basis, with some never been exposed to such music. This year’s SOV will be featuring a plethora of songs, and you will leave with a greater insight on choral music.

Q: What does SOV mean to you?

Adi: SOV is definitely the main event in every choir member’s journey, where months of hardwork and practice are finally showcased on stage in front of an audience. However, I’m sure my fellow batchmates and I share the same sentiments: that sadly, SOV will be the last time we will be performing on stage as VJChoir. Although it’s disheartening that we have to say goodbye to our time spent in the choir, it’s comforting to know that the friendships forged here will definitely last way beyond our final stage.

Joel: SOV has been nothing but a platform to unite the existing batches as well as the previous batches in achieving choral excellence on stage. Every year, we put up an impressive performance on stage, but at the end of the concert, every J2 batch knows that it will be our last time performing with our batch and it is absolutely disheartening to us.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Joel: Come for the concert, it will be so worth your money!

Hopefully, from the short interview, you have found out more about SOV 2019 and decided to get your own tickets. Personally, we look forward to SOV knowing how hard all of our friends have worked – the high level of dedication to VJChoir is truly inspiring and we cannot wait for them to showcase their talents on stage. If you’re still unsure of whether you should buy yourself tickets to SOV, just picture this: a memorable night of fun with your friends, melting into the melodic voices of the world-class choir… What are you waiting for?     

Article by:
18S38 Audrie Chee
18S38 Natalie Yap


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