It was a dark and gloomy afternoon in VJC. Many of us were having lessons when the long, low rumble of thunder signalled the arrival of the dreaded rain, inciting groans from the class. How were we to watch the much anticipated Soccer Girls finals in this weather? Though our hearts sank a little, everyone knew the unfavourable weather could only dream of putting a dent in the roaring Victorian spirit. As lessons ended, Victorians trickled from their classes and boarded the bus to Jalan Besar stadium as usual. We reached the stadium with bubbling excitement, all ready for the VJC versus RI (JC) girls’ soccer finals at around 4.30pm. Kickoff was due to start an hour later, at 5.30pm.


(Red Shirts laying out banners at the stadium)

Unfortunately, the sky was overcast at Jalan Besar Stadium. Large, dark cumulonimbus clouds threatened to spill their contents anytime, pouring out gallons of rain. Sure enough, rain came pouring down, and it only got heavier by the minute. Front-row spectators were soon starting to get drenched, and the ongoing soccer game between SAJC and MJC came to a halt. The relentless rain lasted for an incredibly long time, and our VJ soccer girls only got to finally start their game against RI (JC) at around 7.10pm. That was a whopping 2 hours later than the time VJ versus RI (JC) kickoff was supposed to commence.


(Our VJC soccer girls doing their warm ups)

When the rain stopped, the SAJC vs MJC game continued, before finally ending with a penalty shootout. It was now time for our soccer girls to shine! Before the first kickoff between VJC and RI (JC), both schools rose and sang their school songs with pride. As usual, VJC, well-known for being one of the loudest and noisiest schools, sang the Victorian Anthem at the top of their lungs. Thereafter, the much-anticipated game finally began.

The first 20 minutes of the game was immensely exciting, and the crowd roared each time VJC looked like we were about to score a goal. The match was so intense that some Victorians, such as Chen Yu (16A14) and Amir (16A14) stood on their seats and started cheering in excitement. However, it wasn’t till around 20 minutes into the game where we finally scored 1 point. This goal was an “own goal”, which meant our opponents had accidentally kicked the ball into their own goal, and thus a point was given to us.

Thereafter, VJC scored our 2nd goal when Lynn Teoh (VJC #7) sent a speeding low cross in to Winette Lim (VJC #3), who received the ball on the opposite flank before sending the ball soaring through the air and into our opponents’ net. Victorians, led by the Red Shirts and their drums, again erupted into a few of our famous cheers, such as ‘VJ Boleh’.

However, moments later, a VJC handball right outside the penalty box resulted in Raffles earning a free-kick. #10 executed a soaring shot that our goalkeeper, Chloe Tan (VJC #2), tried her very best to defend. She jumped for the ball to prevent it from flying into the goalpost. However, the ball which was flying at breakneck speed went over her and into the goal. The score was now 2–1.

But, as everyone knows, Victorians never give up (because Nil Sine Labore). True enough, approximately 1 minute after RI got their first point, VJC immediately scored a goal after kickoff. The crowd erupted in cheers, when Low Sze Min (VJC #17) kicked an outstanding ball from way outside the penalty box, into our opponent’s goalpost. The stadium reverberated with deafening screams from the ebullient Victorians, shouting and cheering their hearts out. An ecstatic Victorian, E-Lyn, exclaimed: “RI get rekt!”

When asked how he felt about the match so far, Red Shirt Bryan Foo commented: “The match was really very exciting! When Raffles scored a goal and we bounced back and scored a goal too… Wow that was very very good!”

The half-time score was 3–1, with VJC 3 points, and RI 1 point.

After the match break at Halftime, our Victorian soccer girls were back on the field with their Rafflesian counterparts. Five minutes into the second half, VJC scored a goal, raising the score to 4–1. With some mad skills, Chelsea (VJC #21) weaved her way through the RI defense and kicked the ball past RI’s goalie. Naturally, the Victorian crowd stood up and roared in ecstasy.

The game went on for quite a long while, and the crowd watched with bated breath throughout. When the referee eventually blew the final whistle, the loyal Victorians, who had stayed back despite a two-hour delay due to the lightning risk, whooped and hollered in pure joy. The VJC vs RI (JC) Soccer Girls Finals had ended at about 9.15pm with VJC winning 4–1. The top scorer of the season was Captain of the VJC Soccer Girls team, Rachael Fujisawa, who had scored a whopping 18 goals for her team.


Chen Yu, a loyal Victorian who stayed throughout the match, said: “The match was very well executed. The VJ girls did their best and achieved a very good outcome of champions.”  Felicia Lim (VJC #14), a member of VJC Soccer Girls team, shared similar sentiments. When asked about her thoughts, Felicia said she was “very proud and honoured to be part of the Victoria soccer team!”


GOOD JOB VJC Soccer Girls! Well, I guess VJC really did set FIRE to the rain!

Victoria Cheung (16A14)






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