The end of the year always evokes from us deep, soulful deliberations. An odd twinge of nostalgia, a pang of sentimentality… In the spirit of Reminiscence, Victorian Press looks back on two of our biggest celebrations this year that chronicled both our successes and all the fun we’ve had.


Whenever Victorians think about good times, the reputably phenomenal Victorian Affair definitely makes the list. Here, Victorian Press finds out what is it that Victorians find most memorable about it…
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               It was the night of Atlas 2018. Still riding on the high of Fountain of Wealth, veins abuzz with adrenaline, I found it hard to fall asleep. So I began scrolling through @thevictorianverve, anticipating the next momentous event that was going to make me feel this way. There is concert season, match support season…but I know that the defining celebration that would be the highlight of any Victorian’s life would be none other than the electrifying, unforgettable Victorian Affair.

That was about ten months ago. In just the blink of an eye, Victorian Affair became something to look back on rather than something to look forward to. Officially, Victorian Affair is a three-part affair of class bonding, community service and concert. Classes were spread out in various locations looking for clues, playing games and completing tasks together. For Community Affair this year, Victorians embarked on the journey of raising awareness for transient workers – low-wage workers who have been working for a short while in Singapore who are currently unemployed, underpaid or marginalised. All of this is done in the breathless anticipation of Lasting Affair, culminating in the sensational performances and exhilarating concert experience that would mark it as a night to remember.

“I think it was one of the best days I’ve had with my class,” reminisced Adele Lee from 18S62. “We spent the whole day together – out of class – and there were a lot of time where we were just talking and talking. We’ve certainly come a long way from the first day of Orientation, sitting in a circle in utter silence.” It was poetic the way that everything has come full circle: we all started out as strangers, and now we are all commemorating the last day of school year together, basking in the company of one another that was once unbearably awkward but now has become home for us. Victorian Affair is a tribute to all the friendships we have made this year, a testament to how far we have come together.

What Sean Wang from 18S33 found most memorable about Victorian Affair was unsurprisingly, the penultimate finale of Lasting Affair that kept everyone on their toes. “The whole experience was crazy – there is no other like it. Everyone was so hyped, and the atmosphere was electrifying. It reminds me of one of the things I love most about VJC – the legendary spirit of everyone coming together.” I am sure Sean speaks for all of us. Looking back, the climax had to be one of the last few performances of VA by Shili and Adi, who had performed on the big stages of F1 Grand Prix, the Youth Olympic Games and NDP. They had everyone jumping on their feet, crowding around the stage and shouting along the lyrics to crowd-pleasing hits like ‘Shape of You’ and ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. The atmosphere was simply phenomenal. It was certainly a spectacular way to end the last day of the school year, an exotic night of fun to top off all the other memories we have made on the comparatively more mundane school days.

To Tanya Rai from 18S33, Lasting Affair stood out for another reason. “I think the concert is especially meaningful to me because a lot of my friends are performing. There’s Allison in Blueberry Jam, Grace, Adi and Joel in Valaks, and Joshua and Sih-Zau from my class as well! It feels amazing because you’re raving along with all your best friends to the songs your friends playing on the stage. ” It is, as she puts it, “a concert with Victorians by Victorians for Victorians”. There is nothing quite like it.

But Victorian Affair is more than the songs and performances, as magnificent as they were. To Areeba Tariq from the 34th Interact Club, Community Affair struck her the most. “I think it is meaningful that VA was not just about ourselves, but also those that are often overlooked on the fringes of society. The donations collected from Victorians made their day.” Certainly, the donation drive for the transient workers is considered a success, with VJC packing over 300 care bags for them. On a day meant for celebrating the Victorian spirit, Community Affair embodied the compassion and community awareness of Victorians, determined to make a difference in whatever small way possible.

“I’m just glad that after a long and stressful school year, I got to relax with my friends all around me,” confessed Tam Xinhui from 18S52. “Being there with one another, that itself is enough.” That message stuck to me the hardest, because it hit home. Looking back on Victorian Affair, all these activities distillate into an unending stream of happy moments: finding our way to Marina Barrage only to find ourselves lost in Botanic Gardens, running to beat the rain beating hard on our shoulders, jumping in front of the stage with rain (or sweat) splashing all over us…and laughing, laughing, always laughing, about one thing or another. Down to its core, Victorian Affair is essentially all about making memories with the people that mean the most to us. And that is precisely why these memories, they last a lifetime.


Article by:

Delphie Yap Yu Qi 18S33

Pictures by VJ Photography Society


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