The Victorian Press, which is part of Writers’ Circle, will be holding our annual Press Awards during a Writers’ Circle showcase next month called Glossolalia (10 May). As such, we would like to invite the teachers and the student population to vote for the articles you think were the most well-written and of high quality. This will serve to recognise the efforts of our reporters and writers who have gone behind the scenes interviewing and researching, to publish articles for your reading pleasure.

We would greatly appreciate your votes and nominations in helping us make a decision in choosing the best articles for the awards. Voting will be open until Sunday 6 May, 2359. A few things to take note of when voting for the articles:

  1. Only articles published from 20 May 2017 onwards qualify for nominations.
  2. To vote, simply click here to submit the Google form.
  3. There is no limit to the number of nominations you want to make, so if you want to vote for more than one article, simply submit another form.
  4. Please type the name of the article in the exact way it is spelled on the site, including capital letters.
  5. Nominations of articles will be done based on the categories listed below, so make sure you vote for articles belonging in their categories.


Categories Description
Article of the Year

The Best of the Best. In other news, grass is green and the sky is blue
Victorian’s Choice Article

Will be based on the number of nominations received for the article. Can be judged on the grounds of any personal criteria.
The Inner Voice

(Best Opinion Article)

Expresses the deeper thoughts of our writers, can be controversial at times. The articles will usually take a stand on certain issues/topics, and make good column article’s.
Revealing the Unknown

(Best Feature Article)

Reports on almost anything, from events to people’s general observations around school. Generally includes the ‘human element’, where the writing has a personal touch and focuses more on the people being interviewed.
What’s Up in VJ

(Best School Event Article)

Objective reporting on events ongoing in VJC. Generally written from a 3rd person perspective with the focus on providing hard facts.
Superbly Stirring

(Best Competitions/Performances Article)

Reporting on concerts, performances and sports competitions of the different CCAs in VJC.

Generally written from a 3rd person perspective with the focus on providing the highlights and happenings of the event.

Certified Fresh

(Most Unique Article)

A unique or “unprecedented” writing that gives readers an impactful and “fresh” read either in terms of a writing style rarely seen before or content rarely covered before.

Finally, please take note that filling in your reasons for nominating the article will go a long way towards improving the article’s chances of selection, and the more you justify your nomination, the better its chances it will be.

Please do not simply vote for your friends; this is not a popularity contest. Instead, please nominate articles which you genuinely feel are good articles worthy of recognition. Thank you!


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