There it is – Victoria JC! On 13 January 2016, VJC opened its doors to the public to showcase itself to prospective students. From morning to evening, current and potential students alike experienced the infectious, irresistible energy of VJC. Voila Victoria, which was the theme for this year’s open house, lived up to its hype, as the magic of VJC was presented to the public.

Voila Victoria 2016 revolved around discovering VJC, and in that spirit, the school featured its plethora of CCAs, academic opportunities and diverse school culture to reflect life in VJC. Student ushers were stationed right at our doorstep, to provide a tour of the school. Despite its slightly tired façade, there’s something about the red warmth of the compound that has its own unique charm.

Throughout the day, social media platforms were utilized heavily, with constant updates on music and dance performances at the bus bay. Students were also encouraged to commemorate the event by taking a photo at the photo booth situated at the concourse and using the hashtags “whyvj” and “vjopen2016” to publicize the event online.

Performances at the bus bay were hosted by emcees Johanna and Enya, who kept the programme running smoothly with verve and enthusiasm. I’m sure most of us found the faces of those performing very familiar – especially since they had recently wowed the crowd with their vocals and showmanship during the Victorian Affair only two months ago. The Lost Keys, School Escape, Yang Siong and Clara were only a few of the acts that gave great performances and really hyped up the crowd. Jolene Cheong said that “one of the reasons why I love VJ…because there are so many people who will support you all the time”, proof of the amicable environment many potential students pointed out as the most appealing feature of the school.

In light of the theme of ‘magic’, each CCA played around with a myriad of ways to attract students to their booth. Interact allowed the kids to play a game modeled after Quidditch, members from Astro and Drama Club dressed up as astronauts and Hogwarts students respectively, while Rock Climbing challenged students to a Pull-Up challenge, totaling the number of pull-ups they could complete. VJC’s Taekwondo members also showcased their skills – solid, powerful and fluid – providing an intense and marvelous performance that was received with tremendous applause.

Besides the usual performances put up by all performing arts CCAs at the PT, this open house also featured flash mobs in the canteen. Despite the noisy and rather chaotic environment, the effort of all performers was laudable as they showed ingenuity and resourcefulness in making use of the tables and chairs as props for their performances. They certainly caught the attention of the people who were taking a break in the canteen – ensuring attendees were kept fully entertained and captivated throughout their visit.

Finally, a popular tradition that marked the end of open house was the performance of all the mass dances. VJ’s mass dances – a trademark of the school – were coordinated at fixed timings throughout the day, culminating in a finale of OG pride and unity as all 5 dances were performed in succession.

The Victorian culture was certainly evident as a significant portion of the recent secondary school graduates I spoke to described it to be “vibrant, lively and enthusiastic”. In fact, many already had their choice CCA in mind and were looking forward to joining the school come February.

With the hard work and dedication of the Open House ad-hoc as well as all students involved, Voila Victoria was indeed an event that enlightened and enthralled. In the words of the organizing committee, “Our doors are open to you. Make the right choice, choose VJ!” And from JCO ad hoc to our potential J1s, see you for orientation, NEXUS 2016!

Fiona Lee, 15A11

Photo creds: 32nd Students Council


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