Dear Victorians,

Hope you have enjoyed the #AllABoutMyCCA series. We have come to the end of this series, complete with all the articles our beloved CCA leaders have submitted. We would like to thank all the people who contributed to this initiative!

To express a unanimous sentiment, we hope the J1s can get as much information as possible, especially regarding the variety of CCAs in VJ.

This initiative was started with the goal of creating an one-stop place where new students can garner insights directly from the people who have experienced the CCA life.

It was to give an opportunity to all CCA leaders to reach out to juniors and give real advice on making an important choice, while also answering the most frequently asked questions about their CCAs. I think that is what the Victorian spirit is all about, helping those who need the information to lead their JC life without regrets!

Where to find the articles:

The easiest way is to visit ‘’ homepage and click on CCA Activities. All the #AllAboutMyCCA articles are under that tag.

If you’re looking for articles on specific CCAs, here are their links!

Clubs and Societies

Performing Arts

Sports Groups

External CCAs

Article by:
Niyanta Chowdhury, 17S46
Chief Editor


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