On 28th May 2016, a group of representatives from VJC participated in the annual NUS ASEAN Quiz. The quiz aimed to elicit the spirit of healthy competition among ASEAN youth in a friendly quiz game that exposes them to various ASEAN cultural, political, economic and social information and to create awareness among the youth and the general public on ASEAN and its Member States.

The three representatives, Michelle Chan, Yuki Pan and Rachel Shak, from 15S42, 15S48 and 15S42 respectively, managed to pass the preliminary round which was held in April and proceeded on to the semi-finals last week. The semi-finals were in a written examination format; the question was flashed on the screen for 30 seconds and the participants had to write down their answers on their scripts. The atmosphere in the auditorium was very tense and it was extremely silent. Our representatives appeared to be taken aback by most of the questions as the questions were not related to what they had studied beforehand. For instance, one of the questions asked was, “Who were the closest competitors in the 40th elections?”, which was not expected by them.

The preparation for the Quiz started all the way back in April, but intensified only 3 days before the semi-finals. The representatives even had a really long document – of approximately 20 pages – consisting of loads of details about ASEAN. They had certainly striven hard to squeeze all the information into their brains, hoping to get to the finals. Alas, the scope of the quiz was still far too wide for them to cover. This left them feeling uncertain about their results. Despite losing some confidence, they remained optimistic and hopeful.

Asean 2

Unfortunately, our VJ team did not ultimately to make it to the finals. The finalists only came from two colleges – Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution. As the students were very competitive, the finals continued at a very fast pace – for most of the questions, the finalists hit the buzzer before the host could even finish reading the question. After a very intense round of competition, the Raffles team was leading and eventually managed to emerge as the winner of the quiz, thus attaining the honour of representing Singapore for the ASEAN quiz at the regional level.

We would like to congratulate Raffles Team 3 for their achievement and wish them all the best for their upcoming regional level Quiz. Most importantly, we are proud of our fellow Victorians for putting in so much effort for this competition. Good job!

Article by:

Im Chaeyeon, 16S39

Ho Su Ting, 16S39


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