MusicFest 2019 is only days away and Victorians, are you ready to seize the night? That’s right, the theme for this year’s MusicFest is ‘Seize the Night’. MF is not just another ordinary talent show. It is a night for Victorians to showcase their hidden talents and shine on our very own stage in the PT. It is a night for Victorians to come together and support their friends. It is a night you will never forget.

Having said this, have you bought your tickets? If you haven’t, and are yet to be persuaded, we interviewed a Victorian who attended MF last year and is looking forward to going this year too. She shared with us that she went to support her classmates who were performing. “As a concert organised by Victorians and for Victorians, I was really curious to join in on the fun and hype. The performances blew me away and it was definitely worth the 10 bucks!”

MF 2018 Picture by VJ Photography Society

If you are going for MF this year, her advice for you is to get to the venue early, especially if you are coming in a big group because the seats will be filled quickly!

As many performers would say: behind every good performance is a dedicated team. The Student Council has been working endless hours to bring MF to even greater heights this year. For audiences new or old, you can expect MF to be interactive, immersive and glowing with neon lights!

Not convinced? Here’s the full deal. Celeste and Ying Hao from the MF ad hoc took us through one of the highlights of MF. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Blacklight Room

The blacklight room is the first of its kind in MF history. Situated at LT1, there will be glow-in-the-dark items with interesting activities to take part in. Moreover, anyone is welcomed to visit, regardless of whether you have a ticket or not! The ad hoc hopes to include as many Victorians as they can with this exciting addition to MF so do head down to show your support!

Ying Hao shares with us that he is particularly excited for the turnout of the Blacklight Room. “Most people think MF revolves only around the performers but it’s not just about the performers. This year’s concert is slightly different in that we have a pre-event and the concert will have more interactive segments.” Celeste and Ying Hao also hope that Victorians can make lasting memories and make MF a highlight of their VJ experience.

Bringing it back to this year’s theme, ‘Seize the Night’ was inspired by the latin phrase ‘Carpe diem’,  meaning ‘seize the day’. The idea is that one should enjoy the present rather than worrying about the future. MF is indeed a great opportunity for us to take a breather from our hectic schedules to simply have fun!

Speaking of fun, when the concert comes to mind, it is simply hard to deny our anticipation. The performers are just as excited as you are! We spoke with Hannah Teo, one of the lead singers in the J2 band – Blueberry Jam. Whenever the band stands onstage, the audience are surely to have the time of their life. While we are familiar with their talent to blow us away, most of us may not know much about the band’s background. Blueberry Jam first performed at Initiation Night 2018 when the boy band formed in VS, was looking for a female singer. That’s when they recruited Hannah, who then introduced them to her friend Allison, aka the keyboardist. Since then, they performed at many occasions including last year’s Teacher’s day celebration, MusicFest and Victorian Affair. Come MF 2019, they will be performing their last for the school – as is the case with many other performers – so don’t miss out on this chance to experience the mind-blowing performances put up by our talented Victorians!

It doesn’t matter if you are a performer, an audience, or if you are working behind the scenes. What matters is that it’s still not too late! Grab the opportunity to be part of MF this year. Approach any councillor to check for ticket availability. What better way to kickstart the concert season? Let loose and SEIZE THE NIGHT with MusicFest 2019!

Written by:
18A12 Val Guo
18S33 Caitlyn Szeto
18S55 Tiffany Lin


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