Back by popular demand! As the hype and fun of Orientation and Feeling Fab subsides, and exams draw nearer and nearer, The Victorian Press has compiled a list of mugging spots in school. Whether it’s during breaks, before or after school, most Victorians would spend some time revising in the College. So where exactly are the best spots? Let us bring you our analysis and ranking, as well as important info on each mug-spot.

1. Igloo (Soundproof Room)


Recently renovated, the Igloo has become a popular lounge where students can chill after school. Equipped with various facilities ranging from comfy beanbags to pool and air hockey tables, students are now able to take a break from their hectic school lives and immerse themselves in an environment completely different from the rest of the infrastructures in school. Let’s not forget about the newly installed sound-proof room, whose purpose (as nicely put by the SC igloo-in-charge whom we interviewed) is ‘defined by Victorians themselves’. She also added that the soundproof room is multi-purpose so anyone can really transform it into a space for meetings or just to hang out with friends. So as one of our recommended study spots, why not try the igloo soundproof room alone or with your friends today?

  • Directions: Outside the SC room
  • Opening Hours: 2.45pm to 7.00pm
  • Lighting: 2/5 — The lighting is adjustable but do take note that the maximum adjustment of the lighting is still considerably dim.
  • Noise Level: Positively an extremely quiet spot because you can even hear every single breath that you take!
  • Air-conditioning: Yes (as the name ‘Igloo’ suggests, the air-conditioning is shiok af)
  • Power Outlets: Yes
  • Capacity: Limited. Any more than 6 people in the room may seem a little crowded.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilet: All can be found in the canteen which is located right below the igloo, on the first floor.
  • Tips: Similarly to when you want to loan any other equipment in the Igloo, approach the SCs on duty who are seated on the bar table. Let them know that you intend to book the soundproof room and pass them your EZ-link card. Do note that they will keep your card and only return them once you leave the room.
  • Disclaimer: The room is so comfy you may just fall asleep without even realising! Also, food and drinks are strictly not allowed.

2. Library


Situated on the second floor of the central block, the library is without a doubt the go-to place for many Victorians to study. Absolute silence is always maintained and ample space is mostly available. All these characteristics of the library really do make it a very conducive place for Victorians to do their work. In addition, there are also many academic materials such as newspapers, magazines and book references available for students to take a read to update yourselves with more current-affairs knowledge. “The library is the my favourite study spot in VJ. It is really comfortable and I come here almost every recess. There are enough tables and chairs. Because it’s very quiet here, I can focus on my study or even take a nap.” —Zhang Haoyu (16S52)

  • Directions: Take the stairs opposite the General Office.
  • Opening Hours: 8.30 am to 6.30pm
  • Lighting: 5/5
  • Noise level: Pin-drop silence
  • Air-conditioning: Yes
  • Power Outlets: Yes, but only at the tables by the walls.
  • Capacity: Ample space available to all.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: The toilet and water cooler are just opposite the library (near LT1 rear doors). The cafe at the concourse is right below and the canteen is just a short minute’s walk away.
  • Tips: Do bring along your jacket if the cold bothers you.
  • Other Remarks: No eating and drinking in the library. Students must be in proper attire (i.e. uniform) to enter. Also, students are not allowed to bring their bags in, so please take note.

3. Area Outside the Library


If you are someone who dislikes studying in a cold atmosphere, the tables right outside the library may just be to your liking. “Since there is no air-con here, you don’t freeze to death when you study here. Power outlets are available so I can charge my phone here.” —Stuti Mittal (16S49). Furthermore, overlooking the main campus ground in the school, this study spot also offers a therapeutic view when you study there past school hours. Looking up in between your studies, you can watch as the hustle of school life slowly unwinds itself, signalling the end to another monotonous average school day.

  • Direction: Take the stairs opposite the General Office.
  • Opening Hours: Open alongside usual school operating hours.
  • Lighting: 3/5 — Lighting predominantly depends on the time of day, but there are still light switches available for students to switch on the lights when the day turns dark in the evening.
  • Noise level: Depends on the time of day but overall in general, it is relatively peaceful in the afternoon, and almost noiseless in the evenings.
  • Air conditioning: No
  • Power outlets: Yes
  • Capacity: Limited; there are about 10 tables available, which however may be fully occupied during peak study periods.
  • Accessibility to toilets and water coolers: Just a few steps away, near the LT1 rear doors!

4. Computer Lab (L28)


Ever since PW began for the J1s, the reporters have seen an increasing number of Victorians visiting the computer lab to do their research work. It’s not just the J1s themselves — the J2s also seem to enjoy the luxury of the computers as they utilise them to visit academic sites such as the learning portals for their revision, listen to music while they study, or even to catch up on their favourite drama series during their breaks.

  • Directions: Take the stairs up from the concourse, or look for L28.
  • Opening Hours: Opens from usual school operating hours until 5.00pm.
  • Lighting: 5/5
  • Noise level: Extremely quiet!
  • Air-conditioning: Yes
  • Power Outlets: Yes
  • Capacity: Limited, approximately 27 computers are available for people to use at once.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: Water cooler and toilet is right beside T2, while food is readily available at the cafe down the stairs you took up from the concourse.
  • Tips: Do bring a jacket along because the air-conditioning is freezing cold. Furthermore, do take note that if you want to use the printers, you have to get your own blank sheets of A4 sized papers. You can also purchase them from the printing room located right next to the bookshop at the canteen, at a rate of 10 cents for every 5 sheets of paper you get.

5. Canteen


Even though it is the only place in the school where you will ever get to see so many people indulge in their food at the same time, the canteen is actually also a common study spot among Victorians. The ample amount of space available allows students to stay long after school hours to do their revision. The canteen is open until 10 pm daily.

  • Directions: Just a few steps away from the General Office — or from anywhere, when you’re hungry!
  • Opening Hours: Opens alongside usual school operation hours.
  • Lighting: 2/5 — Especially in the evening, the lights are relatively dim for a place to study.
  • Noise level: Largely depends on the time of day because there are peak periods where they are just so many people in the canteen that you cannot even hear yourself think!
  • Air-conditioning: No
  • Power Outlets: Yes
  • Capacity: Tables and chairs are only insufficient when there are just too many people in between common lesson breaks, but other than that, there are always plenty of seats at different spots in the canteen available for students to choose as they like.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: Toilets are located a few steps further down behind the Malay stall or it can also be found right behind the grandstand.
  • Tips: The time of day should be a main factor of consideration if you decide to study in the canteen!

6. Squash Court Stand


“Huh, where is it at?” — maybe the most common response given when the reporters asked our peers if they wanted to chill at the squash court stand. Since there isn’t a squash CCA in VJ any more to begin with, majority of Victorians might not even be aware of the existence of this area within the school compound. However, converted into a storage room for gym equipment, the reporters found out that this is actually a great isolated spot in the school campus. It is definitely suitable for Victorians who looking for a place to maximise their concentration and productivity.

  • Directions: Take the stairs up from the back of the hall.
  • Opening Hours: Opens alongside usual school operating hours.
  • Lighting: 4/5
  • Noise Level: Relatively quiet and peaceful, but there maybe slight disturbances when PE lessons are taking place at the covered basketball and netball courts, which are not far from the squash court stand.
  • Air-conditioning: No
  • Power Outlets: No
  • Capacity: Ideal for all group sizes, big or small.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: The nearest water cooler and toilets are located next to the staircase leading up to the squash court, while the canteen is just a stone’s throw away, situated right ahead of the hall and gym alley.
  • Tips: Turn on the fans and lights by opening the rusty box, which is located at the side of the court.
  • Disclaimer: The benches are slightly crooked and it may be inconvenient for studying, especially for people who prefer having proper tables and chairs to do their revision.

7. Classrooms


Since the reporters were not too sure which classrooms are available for students to study at after school hours, we spoke to one of the 15 batch students, Michelle Chan (15S42) to find out more. “It depends on the time. If it’s early in the day before 12, it’s quite hard to find a classroom. It’s easier to find a classroom on the upper levels in the afternoon. I like studying in classrooms because it is much quieter than studying in let’s say, the canteen. But it also gives you the option of talking if you want, which is something you can’t do in the library.”

  • Directions: Classroom are in at the V, E and T blocks.
  • Opening Hours: Opens until usual school operating hours (non-exam periods). During the end-of-year exam period, classrooms on the second floor and above will close at 6.30pm while T11 through T15 will be open until 8pm.
  • Lighting: 5/5
  • Noise level: Quiet
  • Air-conditioning: Yes
  • Power Outlets: Yes, except T18, T19, T110 and V2
  • Capacity: Plenty of seats available in a classroom if you are able to find a classroom with fewer people occupying it at a time.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: Usually found on the same level; food can be accessed at the canteens and cafes. Eating and drinking is not allowed in classrooms.
  • Other Remarks: Check the classrooms before entering as lessons may be taking place!

8. Concourse


Located near the Happy Days Cafe, the concourse is a place where one can always see Victorians enjoying their snacks while they are occupied with their school work. The tables available can also be found even towards the end of the corridor along the long stretch of science labs. Furthermore, the steps at the concourse is also a popular hangout spot among the students during their breaks as they linger about at the area. As a whole, the fact that the concourse is a common open space does makes it an ideal spot for group discussions and consultations. “During a short break, the concourse is a good place for me to get something to eat while I do my work. The only bad thing is that there is no air-con. For the noise level, I think it depends on when you come here. For now, it’s like very quiet but during my normal breaks, it’s quite noisy here. Generally, I am quite productive here.” —Rachel Chua (15S65)

  • Opening hours: Opens until the school closes.
  • Lighting: 2/5 — Pretty dim as the artificial lights available provides a minimal source of lighting and the lighting also depends predominantly on the time of the day.
  • Noise level: Dependent on the time of day
  • Air-conditioning: No
  • Power outlets: No
  • Capacity: Usually seats are sufficient, except during peak periods of the day. For example when many classes have their common breaks, or early in the mornings, seats may be hard to find.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilet: Food is definitely readily available at the cafe, while water coolers and toilets can be found right beside T11.
  • Tips: Due to the presence of food, the tables can be dirty at times. So do remember to have tissue with you to clean the tables when you want to study there.
  • Other remarks: Sometimes, you can expect to enjoy soothing music from students playing the piano, which is situated at the concourse. Also, some CCAs like taekwondo have their CCA sessions at the concourse or areas near it. So if these factors do bother you, or might serve as a source of distraction for you, you may want to consider other places in the school to study at!

9. LTs


Uncommon to most secondary school infrastructures, the lecture theatres are the most  common feature in tertiary education. That being said, there are in total six lecture theatres in VJ. From Victorians, the reporters found out that LT1 and LT5 are the most spacious, comfortable and conducive ones of them all.

  • Directions: One of the entrance of LT1 is located near the canteen while the other entrance is located on the 2nd floor, next to the library.  LT5 is located near the PT and the board of honours.
  • Opening Hours: Opens from usual school operating hours to 5.30pm.
  • Lighting: 5/5
  • Noise level: Generally quiet
  • Air-conditioning: Yes
  • Power Outlets: One for each table in LT1; found on the walls for the others
  • Capacity: More than sufficient!
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: Both LTs are within a short walking distance away from the canteen and cafe, toilets and water coolers are situated nearby the entrances.
  • Tips: Do bring your jackets if the cold bothers you.
  • Special disclaimer: The power of the air-conditioning in LT5 is a force to be reckoned with and must not be underestimated.

10. Treehouse


As the most eye-catching feature in VJ, and even despite being closed for maintenance which took place in 2016, the treehouse has always been the most frequented place for Victorians to do their work, play card games, chill, to have group discussions and so on.

  • Directions: Found along the long pavement leading to the canteen, it is sandwiched in between the field and general office.
  • Opening Hours: Open until the school closes.
  • Lighting: 2/5 — Lighting is largely dependent on the time of day.
  • Noise level: Relatively peaceful, as it is situated above all activities taking place around the school compound — unless your neighbour on the other tree house is having too much fun!
  • Air-conditioning: No
  • Power Outlets: No
  • Capacity: About 6 persons per treehouse!
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: All can be found at the canteen, which is right next to the treehouses.
  • Tips: Enjoy the breeze and picturesque scenery up there!
  • Disclaimer: Bad weather like rain may prevent the place from being the ideal spot to be at. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella there, or you’ll be in a tight spot if it rains.

11. Garden (outside General Office)


Redundant. Excessive. Unnecessary. This is what some of us may perceive about this area situated right beside the concourse. Some Victorians even thought that it was there because of a construction mishap. With all the speculation going about, our reporters went down to find out more about this area. However, we only disappointed to find out that our primary source of research, the school Operation Manager, Mr Ong, had just left VJ for good a week before. Nonetheless, it was found that this ‘garden’ used to be a pond until students proposed the idea to convert the area into a study spot. But does anyone even study there? And what does it even feel like to study there? Fret not, the reporters are here to find out if studying at this spot is even legitimate.

  • Directions: Cross the road in front of the GO and take the stairs up.
  • Opening Hours: Opened until the school closes.
  • Lighting: 2/5 — Lighting predominantly depends on the time of day
  • Noise Level: Generally hushed but since the area is located right at the centre of the school campus, the noise level also depends on the type of activities taking place around the campus.
  • Air-conditioning: No
  • Power Outlets: No
  • Capacity: Limited, with a maximum of 12 seats available.
  • Accessibility to water coolers/food/toilets: Water coolers, food and toilets can all be found in the canteen or concourse.
  • Tips: You may want to bring tissue to wipe the tables. They are slightly dirty, which is understandable since the reporters ourselves have yet to see many Victorians studying at this spot before.
  • Disclaimer: You may find some creepy-crawlies.
  • Trivia: This spot is often erroneously thought to be Ms Ek’s favourite spot in VJC, but that honour actually belongs to the other garden, near T19!

Perhaps the reason why this spot has yet to attract many Victorians is because of the fact that it is indeed located right at the centre of the school campus, in the middle of nowhere and in a completely open area where everyone can clearly spot that brave soul (if there ever may be one) studying there. However, the reporters here still find it such a pity to not fully utilise the facility, since it is still one of the study spots for students. So why not? Be that brave soul today and try studying there with your friends. Maybe that way, studying under the eyes of the student population would be less daunting than you guys think it is. And who knows? You might find yourself more productive than what you expect to be.

12. Study room


While the study room might not be as frequented by many J1s, it is a popular study spot among the J2s. With all the single seats and tables separated from one another, students studying there can enjoy more privacy compared to those studying in the library. Bags are allowed to be brought in as well.

  • Directions: Behind the Library
  • Opening hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm (normally) and until 6.30pm (exam periods)
  • Noise level: Pin-drop silence.
  • Lighting: 4/5
  • Air conditioning: Yes
  • Power outlets: Yes
  • Capacity: Limited space is available so it would be better to come early after the usual school hours before the room is fully occupied.
  • Tips: Bring a jacket if the cold bothers you.

This article was originally published August 2016. It has been republished May 2017 to share this information with J1s studying for Mid-Years and J2s studying for CT2.

Article by:
Ng Xue Ying, 16A13
Natalie Liew, 16A13
Liu Jiayi, 16S52

Republished 2017 by:
Ryan Ch’ng, 16S47



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