This is the fourth installment of the Makers’ Newsroom, where VJC’s Project Makers brings you the latest updates in science and technology. Click on the headlines to view the articles; all descriptions are provided by Project Makers.

Plastic green roofs could one day power our homes!

A team of students from US and China found a way to generate power using wind, even in places where wind turbines can’t be built. So cool. However, it’ll take a little more creative thinking for this to be fully implemented in all households.

Trump’s wall threatens people and wildlife in the Sonoran Desert—And no law can stop it

A large desert spans across the borders of America and Mexico, and it’s filled with unique wildlife that has adapted to its harsh conditions. A landscape painted with rich biodiversity and scarred with hazardous trails that have been trodden on by immigrants, the Sonoran Desert is a mixture of harsh beauty and death. However, with the building of the wall, this would be threatened to an unimaginable extent.

Google’s Project Wing has successfully tested its air traffic control system for drones

Mankind is now one step closer to a world where UAVs [unmanned aircraft vehicles] fill the sky. Google, NASA and FAA have developed a prototype drone control system, analogous to the control towers that monitor airplanes today, that can successfully manage “the complex flight paths of multiple UAS [unmanned aircraft systems] at the same time,”  A single operator could soon fly multiple aircraft simultaneously.

Dutch households will use servers to heat their showers for free

We know that computers dissipate a lot of excess heat, and that is a huge problem for centers filled with data servers. Companies usually combat this by setting up data centers in the Arctic, and some even submerge them underwater. But what if this wasted energy can be put to good use? Dutch start-up Nerdalize wants to harness this energy and use it to heat up the homes of many. Check out their pitch video!

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