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Oculus Research’s focal surface display could make VR much more comfortable for our eyeballs

VR technology first became commonplace in gaming systems. Check out how today it becomes common in our healthcare, entertainment, while building a place for itself in our daily lives.

The VR always had a problem with users having eye discomfort after using it. But now that’s going to change – with focal surface display. Conventional VR solutions are only able to project images at a fixed depth, but Oculus has developed a spatial light modulator to dynamically bend light to produce a 3D contour; combined with eye-tracking tech, consumers are now able to view VR scenes naturally at various perceived distances. Feeling confused? Check out their video for greater explanation!

How VW’s Arteon keeps you alive if you pass out while driving

Self-driving cars are one of today’s society’s most-discussed subjects. Now be more informed about the upcoming technology in this amazing field!

Volkswagen has added another safety program to its arsenal: the Emergency Assist 2.0. Feeling sleepy on the wheel? No problem, the car will attempt to wake the driver when there isn’t control for a while. If it is unable to elicit a response, the car will pull over in a safe spot for the driver to recover his senses.

Anyone can teach this MIT robot how to teach other robots

Technology involving robots are constantly reaching new heights. Check this out to see another significant breakthrough!

MIT researchers have developed a robot that is able to teach other robots what you taught it. The C-LEARN program enables a robot to transfer skills taught by a human to other robots. What’s really interesting, is that the robots do not have to be identical, and the humans who teach them don’t have to be experts. C-LEARN still has a ways to go, as it can’t teach more complex skills such as collision avoidance, and it takes a long time, up to half an hour, to learn a simple task like picking up a box.

LSD Microdoses make people feel sharper, and scientists want to know how

An uncommon topic but it will surely capture your interest!

Image result for lsd microdose

How could jacking up on drugs ever lead to a more productive day? Well it won’t, but microdosing on LSD just might, as results from brain studies seem to suggest. Read on for accounts of how small doses of LSD sharpen perception and boost clarity for users.

An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

Reproductive technology has changed many lives. Perhaps this could be the next groundbreaking innovation in the field!

An artificial womb that can grow baby sheep

This artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next.

Posted by The Verge on 2017年4月25日

Recently, researchers had a breakthrough in reproductive technology – artificial wombs. They were able to successfully grow baby sheep from Biobags – a uterus like environment for fetuses to develop in. While artificial uteruses that carry a baby for 9 months is unlikely in the new future, it is to be hoped that Biobags can help reduce the complications of preterm births.

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