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Kernel is trying to hack the human brain — but neuroscience has a long way to go

Bryan Johnson, founder and CEO of neuroscience startup Kernel, is worried that computers will outpace development in human intelligence too quickly and too far, so he seeks to conduct research into human brain augmentation. Johnson’s team begins by learning about core brain functions, exploring less invasive ways of working with the human brain.
While their progress might be impeded by the constraints of today’s technology, long years of research and government regulation, nevertheless they remain undaunted.

Exoplanet discovery: What does Nasa’s announcement mean – and should we be excited about TRAPPIST-1?

In recent news, NASA has discovered 7 exoplanets outside of our solar system. NASA and astronomers around the world are excited because these planets are in the “habitable zone” of star systems—meaning, in theory, that water could exists on the surface in liquid form. Finding Earth size, potentially habitable planets is believed to be the first step to finding other life in the universe.

Google’s plan to make talk less toxic

Google has developed a program called Perspective, which harnesses the power of machine learning to detect toxic comments. This is a step toward the controversial automated moderation in the cyberspace. While it may be able to promote civil talk in the comments section, there is fear that this technology might spiral into an corporate attempt to influence the media.

In Estonia, robots make food deliveries

Inventors Starship Technologies have brought us the future: robot food delivery. Capable of following traffic rules and navigating most types of urban terrain, the knee high robot is already deployed by a food delivery company, Wolt. While it is not presently fully autonomous, the bots will be in a few months. Similar projects are launching in Washington and Redwood City, another IT hub in California.

Article by:
Joshua Ng, 16S52, Project Makers


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