The day started off early with every Victorian meeting up at the Labrador Park MRT station. I can still remember how vibrant the atmosphere felt, manifested in the cheerful hoots of laughter that reverberated around the station and the familiar bright yellow fired-up shirts that we were all clad in. Many of us had come together as groups or as classes, having treated ourselves to a hearty breakfast before the event. After all, we would need the energy to embark on the first segment of the day — our 9 kilometre Walk For Rice!

Walk For Rice was the Victorian way of giving back to society, even while having fun. For every 200 metres walked per person, NTUC will be donating two bowls of rice to needy families, and an additional bowl of oatmeal for every 400 metres. We had already started contributing to the cause during our PE lessons, so it only made sense to round off the year with one big concerted effort as a school. This is hence what spurred the organizers to include this activity, aiming to teach us the values of compassion and perseverance. I’m sure we can all acutely remember the occasional complaints of aches, heat and itches from the mosquito bites, but we all remained resilient, knowing it was for a good cause. The feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction afterwards was especially rewarding, and all of us still had the energy to banter and be enthusiastically involved in the games that we carried out as a class.

Different classes were assigned to different activities based on their preferences, including blindfolded dodgeball, Nerf battles, ultimate frisbee and running man. My class, in particular, got the opportunity to play blindfold dodgeball and have a Nerf battle too, and we never once regretted our choice.

Perhaps it was the interactive nature of the games my class took part in. Maybe it was because of my classmates, who were enjoying themselves immensely. Either way, we were so immersed in playing that we completely forgot all about any muscle aches, sweat or exhaustion that we may have had. We frolicked, we laughed and we cheered for each other just like a team, just like a tight-knit family. We also managed to see different fun sides of our fellow Victorians, as well as the goofy and playful sides of our respective form and co-form teachers. If time could stop, I’m sure many of us would have chosen to stop at this very day. We were not weighed down by the stress, the exams or project work, but instead, we all simply let loose for the entire day. However, all good things must come to an end, and our memorable Victorian Affair experience was wrapped up beautifully by the last segment of the day — Lasting Affair.

Many Victorians are bound to say that this was the best part of the day, and for good reason too. This is where every one of us, be it from different classes or different CCAs, came together to rave to the thrilling music blasting out of the stereos during the concert. LA 2019 was truly a success, just like the previous years.

Although it was raining, the wet weather definitely did not dampen the high spirits of Victorians. The Amphitheatre in VivoCity was almost completely flooded with ‘Fired Up’ Victorians, eagerly waiting for the concert to finally begin.

Our very own DJ, Sinata, came first to hype up the crowd. His mix of rock music and seamless transitions between songs certainly added on to the exuberant atmosphere, as everyone raved with the music.

Next up, XiaoXuan and Suwei took centre stage and sang their hearts out to ‘Secrets’ by One Republic. Many Victorians rushed from their seats to the front of the stage with their intricately-made boards, showing their immense support for their classmates and friends. Their impressive performance left all of us with high hopes for the rest of the concert, and the other performers definitely did not let us down.

After them came another duo, Chelsea and Carina, who gave us a wonderful performance of the popular song, ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears. Their performance hyped up the crowd as they beautifully belted out the lyrics of the song with strong and powerful vocals.

Next in line was Christabel and Elijah, with a duet of ‘Comethru’ by Jeremy Zucker. With Christabel’s melodious voice accompanied by Elijah’s guitar, everyone found themselves completely immersed in the rhythm, clapping to the beat of the song.

GMAS was the first band to take the stage. Performing ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ by Justin Timberlake and ‘Save the world’ by Pentatonix, the entire band was truly in sync. With the unique vocals of the lead singers, the mind-blowing beatboxing and the accompaniment of drums, GMAS undoubtedly managed to wow the audience.

We absolutely cannot forget Amulya and Nandini, the amazing duo who have graced the stage for many events like Project Cognizance and MusicFest, but still manage to astound their loyal fans. They blessed our ears with their vocals and perfect harmony, which truly took our breath away.  As they sang a ‘Memories’ and ‘Lights Up’ medley, as well as ‘Halo’ by Beyonce, the audience waved their flashlights and swayed along to the songs.

A brave soloist, Wan Ying, was the wonderful night’s 7th performer. Although there were some technical difficulties at the start of her performance, together with the encouragement of the audience, she was able to give the audience an amazing performance. It truly highlighted the strength of the Victorian spirit, as the audience filled the room with their cheers even when the music wouldn’t play. With her skilled vocal runs accompanied by her flawless piano playing, she performed ‘Sanctuary’ by Joji and ‘Best part’ by Daniel Caesar, and her appealing charm and charisma managed to win over the crowd.

The stage lights dimmed, as everyone anticipated the next performance. Then, it brightened to reveal the talented VJD! This was their last performance for the year and everyone put in their best to make it a blast, and they certainly did not disappoint. Their synchronised and quick, precise movements captivated the crowd as they danced to popular songs like ‘Hello My Love’.

Up next was ‘Out Of Focus’, a band formed in 2016 in Victoria School who brought their love for music to VJ. Performing to ‘We did all the small things’ by Blink 182 and ‘Check yes Juliet’ by We the Kings, everyone soon raved and sang along with them to these catchy tunes.

Then came ‘The White Spot’. Their members are all from ODAC, and this band was born through their common passion for music. Some of them just picked up their instruments recently, yet they still delivered an incredible performance. Performing ‘If I lose myself’ and ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic, the entire band had the audience pumping to the beat.

With the audience all hyped up and excited, the 5-membered band, TORI-Q took the stage. Despite TORI-Q being a newly formed band, they have indeed captured the hearts of Victorians with their high-energy performance, as seen from the enthusiastic cheers and whoops from the crowd after their performance.

Following them, the alumni bands OffBeat, The Lost Keys and Hockerfellas took over. With their amazing renditions of songs, most of the seating area eventually became unoccupied as Victorians streamed down to have a closeup view of their performances. Some of the performers even went to the front of the stage and bent down to hi-five the audience, eliciting whoops and screams from them. In one of the performances, ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay, everyone put their arms around each other and swayed to the slow, melodious music as they reminisced about the memories they had throughout the eventful school year.

Unfortunately, the amazing night was coming to an end. But it ended with a high note as the Student Councillors came onstage to lead the school in a mass dance. As the familiar tune of ‘The Nights’ began to play, everyone danced enthusiastically to the moves they’ve practised countless times during orientation. When the dance came to an end, Victorians could start to feel the fatigue and exhaustion from cheering and dancing with such vigour. However, just at that moment, the Victorian Anthem started playing from the speakers. Pumped once again, Victorians placed their arms around one another and began singing the Anthem and doing the cheer loudly with pride. I’m sure at that instant, everyone was overwhelmed by the pride of being part of Victoria Junior College. With the end of the Anthem, VA 2019 came to an end. But disappointed that the great night has ended, many stayed behind to take pictures with their classes, CCAs and friends, which was really such a heartwarming scene.

VA 2019 is definitely a highlight of our Victorian journey that many will hold close to their hearts. It was a fantastic way to end the school year, with everyone filled with the infamous Victorian school spirit. We here at The Victorian Press would like to thank the OA, CA and LA committee, as well as the teachers who have spent so much effort planning for VA. We cannot forget our emcees either, Moon and Sheema, who led the event well and livened up the atmosphere with their hilarious banter. Finally, we are grateful to all of you, the enthusiastic audience, for keeping your spirits high throughout the entire day.

Though the Victorian spirit can be felt in small ways every day, it truly becomes more distinct during events like this. Just like what an alumni from our 2014 batch mentioned: the way we try to integrate our fervent chants of “awak, awak awak” into every song will always be relatable to Victorians of every generation. And it is indeed these minor things that bring us together and make us proud to be Victorians. Some of the Victorians that we interviewed even expressed their disappointment that they would not have the chance to take part in as many of these events as they enter JC2. However, despite knowing that we may not have as many opportunities to take part in such activities in the future (apart from the lucky ones among us who have been chosen to become IGLs and OGLs), we know that the Victorian spirit will still remain close to our hearts and keep us passionate and proud of our school.

Article by:
Michelle Nathaniel Tan, 19S311
Serene Pan Xinlin, 19S311

Photos provided by:
VJC Photography Society (Photosoc)


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