Fire away

As all the JC1s sat in the Performing Theatre early on Wednesday morning, 28th March 2018, one thing was evident – all of us were extremely excited to participate in the myriad of activities assigned to our classes for Feeling Fab Day. My class was given the chance to participate in Laser Quest and we were certainly enthusiastic to find out what was in store for us at the centre at Kallang. Upon interacting with my classmates, common words that were thrown at me were “excited to bond with the class”, “no lessons” and “break from school work”, which showed me just how pumped up they felt for Feeling Fab Day. With no more time to wait, we boarded the chartered bus and were on our way to the venue. Victorians being Victorians find the need to bring the loud school spirit everywhere. Hence, it was only a matter of time before my entire class was singing along to songs on the bus, making the journey all the more memorable.

Upon arrival at the venue, we were told to group ourselves into groups of four within our classes. As expected from a class that takes Biology, we have a large disparity between the number of girls and boys and therefore, had to reshuffle our groupings to ensure there was at least one boy in every group. Thereafter, much to our confusion, the instructors started leading us on some warm up exercises such as stretching and running on the spot. A look of annoyance was visible on many of our faces as we started to speculate if Laser Quest was in actual fact, a substitute for the PE Lesson we were missing that morning.

Soon after, we were allowed to enter the various halls where the Laser Quest set up had been prepared for us. Although each of us had a rough idea of what Laser Quest by the name itself, none of us actually knew what we were in for until the briefing. Essentially, Laser Quest allows participants to use laser-operated toy guns to shoot at each other in order to win. One has to aim their gun at the sensor of the opponent’s gun and shoot in order to remove a life from the opponent. Since we were playing it in groups, the goal was to shoot the members of the opposing team while at the same time, ensuring that you do not get ousted. Though this was a simple concept, the use of the toy guns which we had to reload ourselves undoubtedly introduced an element of fun that we were elated about. Within minutes into the game, we were dashing across the playing area with our guns behind our backs to ensure that they would not be targeted at by the ‘enemies’.

One of the highlights of the entire game was seeing our CT, Mr Yeo, play alongside with us as one of the groups was short of a member. Mr Yeo was truly in his zone, sprinting up and down during ‘Capture the Flag’ which was a game that we played during our time there. His enthusiasm reminded us to truly make the best out of the opportunity and have fun with our class.

The day ended with a few finale matches between classes where the top teams from each class faced off in a game to decide the ultimate winner. It was to my shock that my team emerged as the winner from our class and proceeded on to play against the other classes. Although our winning streak ended when we did so, it was in the name of good fun. After a quick wrap up of the game, there was the inevitable photo-taking session and we were dismissed thereafter.

In conclusion, the experience was not only fun and engaging but also a great way for us to bond with our class and get to know each other better. It also served as a great way for us to take our minds off the pile of undone work from school and let loose. However, I think that we should have worn the ‘Fired Up’ Shirt instead of the PE Shirt as we definitely fired away during the games!

Article by:
Bhavana d/o Rajaram, 18S37


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