If Bollywood were to be packed into a box, the label of that package would have to be ICS night. Anticipating its arrival on the 26th of April, I am sure all Victorians are eager to unravel this piece of Indian culture titled: Khatam, Checkmate. Hence, the following contains potential leads of what could lie in that package.


  1. Colours, colours and more colours


Bollywood-themed performances are well-known for their vibrancy and extravagant costumes. Expect no less from our ICS performers! Be it deep red, bright yellow or electric blue, their traditional costumes especially, would definitely be a feast for the eyes of the audience.

  1. Beats and rhythm

In just a flash, scenes could snap from being a toned-down dialogue into a catchy, upbeat mass dance. Accompanied with drums, be enchanted by and lively beats of Bollywood music. If you are even lucky enough to secure the first few rows of seats, it truly is a perfect spot to indulge in the sensory overload. With pounding beats flooding in our ears, dancers flowing with rhythm, colours flashing before our eyes, no more needs to be said.

  1. An epic medley of genres

Though the ICS members remain secretive of the plot, a little digging was enough to find out at least something about the plot. From the trailer, we sure have thrillers that would keep us at the edge of our seats. This is enhanced with a tinge of romance that, sure enough, would keep most of us engrossed and wanting for more. The title ”Khatam, checkmate” contains much meaning to it, “Khatam basically means game over and checkmate as you know is defeating someone. It took us time to decide on this as we wanted to have an impact and give a ‘shady’ impression”, said the president of ICS Ankita. What more can we ask for? Intense moments of ‘juicy’ conflicts, moments of utter sassiness and much more, which is a mystery to be unraveled on the night itself.

  1.         Homemade goodness

Ever wondered why we are always biased towards homemade things? The reason is simply because it is made by one of us. The entire plot is handwritten by our dear J2s from ICS, carefully crafted with love to embody Bollywood yet also to cater to the taste of us Victorians. It sure is no easy feat to create this piece from scratch, with the J2s script writing since November. It was only in February that this dream of theirs was brought to life.


  1.             The Victorian spice

This spice is uniquely Victorian, with our very own performers and unravelled in our very own performance theatre. ICS night is a night not to be missed. Like a punch to the back of the throat, expect a whole lot of spicy, hot drama delivered right to our doorstep.

What should we look forward to for this year’s performance? I am sure this is a question that many of us are curious of. Nandini from 19A15 (who would be singing) described it as “Lots of colourful elements, lots of dancing, lots of fun both on stage and off stage”.

When asked, “If you could encapsulate this performance in 1 word, what would it be?
Ankita, the president of ICS, responded to this question as “Mesmerizing!”

Though this article somewhat provides an insight on what the package could contain, it is certainly not the entire experience. The saying goes, “ A picture speaks a thousand words.” How many words then, can truly encapture an entire performance? Hence, let us meet this friday, and rip open this vacuum pack together.

Article by:
19S40 Anika Shormill Mamun
19A15 Low Yan Ting Kelly
19S30 Swathi Ravi Sivashankar



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