As you begin your VJ journey, the first few crossroads you encounter would be choosing a CCA. It is one of the many big decisions you must make in your JC life. After all, you will invest a significant amount of your time and energy on it. More importantly, it is your CCA that will shape your JC experience and often be where you seek refuge after a long, arduous day of lectures and tutorials.  Don’t know how to begin? Fret not, we are here to help you make a decision that will suit you the best!

  1. What category of CCAs are you interested in?

For a start, it will help to narrow down your options by pinpointing specific categories that you are interested in. VJC offers four main CCA categories: Sports, Performing Arts, Clubs and Societies, and Leadership (Students’ Council). Zoom in to an area of interest, then explore the CCAs under that category!

  1. What level of commitment are you prepared for?

Depending on the amount of time you are willing to spend on your CCA, it can make up a big part of your VJ experience — or be almost non-existent. However, it will certainly be useful to consider how you want your JC life to play out. Competitive sports and the performing arts have multiple training sessions each week and requires a high level of commitment. Coupled with academic work, it will serve you a filling platter of JC life. On the other hand, Clubs and Societies, which mostly require a once-a-week attendance or even once-every-two-weeks attendance, will free up your time for external commitments. Some CCAs are more demanding than others. Do consider your commitments in terms of schoolwork, family, and social life.

While academic excellence is important, focusing on that aspect alone will not stretch you to your fullest potential nor provide a holistic JC experience. For some students, their CCA serves as a stress-relief and gives them a safe space to rejuvenate and take a break. Furthermore, while some CCAs may be intense, they often help to create lasting memories for you and your CCA mates. Hence, your commitment level should depend on what you want to get out of your JC life, which brings us to the next point.

  1. What do you want to achieve in your CCA?

Reflect on your personal goals and the steps you want to take to achieve them. If your goal is to get fit, perhaps a Sports CCA may be the one for you. Or if you desire to learn something new, you may want to consider a category of CCAs that you have never tried before. Explore your options and talk to your seniors to find out if the CCA is suitable for you and will be able to support you in achieving your goal by the end of your 14-month stint in the CCA.

  1. Why do some students have more than one CCA?

It is common for VJC students to have two CCAs — some even have three! These students often join one Sports or Performing Arts CCA and another Clubs and Societies CCA; the mixture of the two ensures that the commitment level required is still manageable. Participating in multiple CCAs will help you stretch yourself in terms of hard skill development, such as picking up a new instrument or attaining a CPR certification, and soft skills experience through socialising with different groups of people from various walks of life.

  1. Can I not join any CCAs?

Of course you can, if you find that you would rather devote your time and energy to something else. But… You will definitely lose out on a big part of JC life. Let us list down the pros and cons of doing so.

Cons of not joining any CCA:

  • University courses or scholarships prioritise applicants with a strong CCA portfolio
  • Missed opportunity to learn a new skill or develop your existing ones
  • Networking and socialising will be limited
  • JC life will (sadly) only revolve around studying
  • Holistic development will be sacrificed

Pros of not joining any CCA:

  • Extra time and energy for external commitments and school work

To sum up, with our ‘Work hard, Play hard’ VJC culture, attempting to strike a balance of both in school would be the most ideal. Ultimately, whichever CCA you join will teach you something in one way or another. However, to maximise this learning, it is important that you put in the leg work to explore your options and spend some time introspecting to find the right CCA for you. Remember: your final decision boils down to your own preferences, values and priorities, so take this guide with a pinch of salt, and consider what means the most to you.

For the comprehensive list of CCAs offered in VJC, click on the link here. To learn more about the respective CCAs, such as their history, culture or interesting facts, head over to #AllAboutMyCCA! You can also find out more about the concerts, competitions or CCA events that Victorian Press have covered here. Best of luck!

Written by:
Val Guo Liyun (18A12)
Lin Hui Xin Tiffany (18S55)
Lim Xin Yi (18A15)


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