UPDATE: As of 2016, the VJC cats have been adopted by students. They no longer reside in the VJC campus.

Welcome to VJ, freshies!

Whether or not you are in VJ by choice, this school will become your home for the next two years of your life. There are many quirks about VJ that you will learn in due time, including the best hideouts when you want to be alone, or secret study spaces – even the hidden drinks menu at the fruit juice stall (Editor’s note: What?!)

This one, however, goes out to those who, like me, have collected every single cat on Neko Atsume. That’s right, if you like cats, I think you’ve come to the right school.

VJ has a few resident cats (I’ll leave it up to you to find out their names!) including two white ones that usually occupy the area near the guard post, and one (pictured) who enjoys hanging out around the T-block or outside the Art Room.

Cat 1

Our favourite felines are always very friendly, so if you like cats, you’re in luck. Once, our resident striped cat crawled onto my lap when I sat down to pet it, snuggled onto my leg, and fell fast asleep. A cat lover’s dream.

So when you see the College Cats around school as you are bound to do, give them a little love, and they might love you back. Cat therapy is always available here to keep the school blues at bay. Just a friendly PSA though; don’t feed the cats! You might accidentally give them something harmful or poisonous to cats.

Word of advice from your seniors? Enjoy your time in VJ. Your journey is only beginning, but time has a funny way of slipping us by when we’re not paying attention.

Hopefully sometime soon, you will be able to proudly call VJ your home.

And well, you know what they say: Happy is the home with at least one cat.

Elizabeth Wan



  1. Unfortunately, Margritte has been adopted. He is settling well in his new home. Follow him on instagram @magritte_vj for updates! We all miss him and wish him all the best! The other cats are to be adopted/ sent away soon so we hope everything will turn out well for them too.

  2. Unfortunately, Magritte the Cat has been adopted. He is settling well into his new home. Follow him on Instagram @magritte_vj for updates! The other cats will be hopefully adopted soon, or sent away. We will miss them all and wish them all the best!


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