Didn’t attend the Wushu finals? Want to know more about what happened? Look no further, for we have all the insider details you are looking for!

Before we dive right in, let us take a closer look at what Wushu really is. The Wushu members themselves described it as a “high intensity sport that involves short but expressive bursts of energy”. Indeed, Wushu is a vigorous martial art that originated from China. Over its long history, it has developed into numerous distinctive styles, each with their own techniques, principles, and traditional weaponry for different combat situations. Wushu goes beyond being a simple system of attack and defence, however. Rather, it is a sport and lifestyle that helps to positively cultivate the mind, body and spirit.

When we arrived at the Pasir Ris Sports Hall, we were immediately struck by the throngs of people who had taken time out of their busy schedules to support their schoolmates. Several schools had come to watch their friends battle it out on the red carpet, and they were ready to spur them on to victory. Banners, posters of encouragement, cheering sticks and school flags were just some of the many props brought in by the audience. Some even learned Chinese cheers specific to Wushu! With that, invigorating school cheers and excited chatter filled the sports hall with a palpable anticipation for the matches to come.

The VJ Wushu boys entering with confidence.

The VJ Wushu boys were first to the carpet. A pin-drop silence filled the air as they went to their starting positions, the audience eager to see what they would bring to the table.

When the music started, the passion the Wushu members have in their sport became immediately evident in their focused expressions and powerful moves. We were left mesmerised by the difficult moves that the Wushu members pulled off effortlessly.

The VJ Wushu boys executing their moves elegantly

A thunderous and deafening applause resounded through the hall as the music stopped. For their impressive efforts, they were awarded a score of 8.85, the highest score of all the performances until that point!  The student councillors waved the Victorian flag with pride and Victorians cheered in unison upon the announcement. It was clear that the audience had really savoured every second of the incredible display. To confirm that, we interviewed members of the audience for their opinion as well. With a whopping average rating of 9/10, it was clear the Wushu boys had done Victorians proud.

The Wushu girls performed afterwards and evoked similarly impassioned responses from the crowd. Their spectacular performance had left the audience utterly stunned.

The VJ Wushu girls showcasing their sword stunts

One of the moves we found really impressive is the Erqi Quedilong, which translates to “Flying Kick With Dragon Landing”. This turned out to be one of the signature moves in Wushu. To execute this, they placed their arms and legs together on their left and jumped. When jumping, they opened their arms and placed their left arm above their head, keeping the right arm straight. As for the legs, they also opened them when jumping and used their right leg to kick in the air. It felt as though they were soaring through the air, like dragons in the night.

We were truly proud to see our fellow Victorian Wushu members compete all the way to the finals and give their utmost best in every move they executed. Seeing them in their red costumes, holding their weapons and moving to the rhythm of the music, we were utterly moved. Indeed, their performance exemplified all of the spirit, vigour and finesse that Wushu encompasses.

Now, let us take a look at the outstanding results achieved by VJ Wushu. The Wushu boys obtained 5th in Quan, 2nd in Weapon and were the 1st runner up overall. The Wushu girls achieved 3rd in Quan, 2nd in Weapon and emerged as overall champions!

“I can see the spirit, passion and determination the performers exhibited, and I applaud the Wushu team for the spectacular performance,” remarked an audience member who wished to remain anonymous.

An important point to note is that the results obtained were not simply out of pure luck, but a product of months of gruelling training. It was with such dedication and hard work that the team managed to perform flawlessly and clinch these outstanding results.

The Wushu team felt that they learnt valuable lessons throughout the competition. “Wushu is much more than a sport as it also taught us the importance of hardwork, discipline, sportsmanship and to always strive for the best,” the captain of Wushu, Denzel shared. Teamwork is certainly a quality that is crucial to ace the performance, as Wushu is a team effort. Every individual has to put in the effort to commit to the sport, and this camaraderie was what allowed the Wushu members to pull off their breathtaking performance throughout their season. The Wushu members collectively described the team as a strong support system that they can always depend on, even in the worst of times. Instead of trying to compete with one another for the glory, they worked together to achieve success for everyone. This close bond shared by the Wushu members is indeed commendable and is something that we can all learn from.

Of course, the audience members were not the only ones who had a pleasurable experience. The Wushu members also enjoyed performing for the crowds that showed up. “Our favourite part of the performance was the sense of accomplishment we felt afterwards, watching our hard work materialise when we achieved those high scores,” Denzel added.

The Wushu team’s efforts goes to show that hard work sows the seeds for success and looking back, all the efforts put in were fruitful in achieving this end. The Victorian Press would like to congratulate the Wushu team for their incredible achievements, and to wish them all the best for the next season.

Article by:
Vishalini D/O Sengkuttuvan, 19S30
Swathi Ravi Sivashankar, 19S30


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