A tranquil stop for many Victorians is the widely popular Happy Days Cafe. Ever since their establishment in 2011, it has been a constant spot for those weary bones who want the convenience of speedy and scrumptious food without having to be bombarded by the large crowd in the canteen. Under the Good News Cafe chain, this cafe is unique to VJ as its the only one named Happy Days Cafe.



The most popular order would have to be the simple yet satisfying hotdog bun, topped with your choice of condiments such as chilli, ketchup or cheese (nobody likes you, mustard). Another plus-point would be that the cafe mainly caters grab-and-go food, allowing students to satiate their hunger while juggling their hectic schedules. Take for example , their affordable ice-cream scoops that are sure to remedy the blazing hot weather.



Darryl Wong from 14S53 commented: “The cafe is definitely a gem to our school, and it is very convenient for me, as there are days where I have no breaks in between my lessons. My go-to order would be the Chicken Bruschetta!”

The cafe, which is situated at the concourse, is also a great place for students and teachers alike to unwind after a long day, where they are able to de-stress and have a good laugh. This is the best place for some peace, comfort and solitude.

All good things have their downsides, but the Happy Days cafe has worked hard to address their limitations, such as trying to meet the students’ demands for variety of food. Although we learnt from Jack, the cafe owner, that they are unable to add more food to their already extensive menu, as safety reasons prevent them from having a “naked flame”, they have come up with monthly specials to surprise us with new items on the menu, proving their capability to satisfy the students.

To wrap it all up, you’ve not have fully lived through the Victorian experience if you have not given this cafe a try! So what are you waiting for? Pop down to Happy Days Cafe at the concourse for some unpretentious, fingerlicking good food.

Shanell Choo
Ong Hui Jing


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