If you are a fan of the popular top-rated anime Haikyuu!!, which is centred around a volleyball team whose love for volleyball fuels their desire and passion to fight for victory, you would have thoroughly enjoyed the Volleyball Girls’ Finals, which took place between VJC and NYJC on 9 May 2018.

Throngs of Victorians swarmed into Toa Payoh Sports Hall, exhilarated to support their schoolmates. Entering the venue, the sounds of the volleyballs hitting the walls reverberated as the girls practiced before the match started. It was only warm up time, and the crowd was already waiting with anticipation for the Volleyball Girls’ Finals to commence. After months of intensive training, it all came down to this. Despite facing strong came like Hwa Chong Institution, our athletes fought well and overcame them. Competing against the defending champions for volleyball, Nanyang Junior College, would be daunting for most, but our Volleyball Girls went in with determination and conviction.

After practicing a series of setting and spiking, the respective team players were introduced. Roars rang out from all around as we scrambled to cheer on their fellow competing schoolmates. Warmth flooded every Victorian present as we watched the girls playfully high-five one another before they encircled themselves in a group hug. Their gleeful expression soon steeled into one of sheer, unwavering concentration as the referee blew his whistle, signifying the start of the match.

The game got off to a great start with our girls leading by nearly double the points. Everyone could see the ferocity in their eyes as they fought with no mercy. Spectators were kept at the edge of their seats as the match gained in intensity. The first set ended in favour of Nanyang Junior College, who had surpassed our girls narrowly with a set score of 27-25. The second set once again, culminated in a win for Nanyang Junior College, with a set score of 25-12. Nonetheless, our girls remained unfazed and came together to cheer with equally as much enthusiasm and fortitude.

Time seemed to come to a halt for all Victorians as the third set started. It was the quintessential set that would determine if VJC would have the opportunity to continue fighting on to achieve the title of champion, or if their opponents, NYJC, would prevail as champions of the 2018 National Inter-school Volleyball Girls’ A Division Finals. Our girls put in their blood, sweat, and tears as they dug, set, and spiked relentlessly. Neither team was backing down as they battled it out on the court.  

Adele Lee (18S62) mentioned, “This is seriously such an intense match… my heart is really beating very fast! VJC seems to have expended all their energy in the first and second set and I really hope they can make it!” Right after, the Red Shirts led with the cheer “VJ, All The Way!”, which our supporters immediately echoed with passion, along with the other spectators. To the elation of the Victorians spectating, our girls made a comeback in the third set, with a set score of 25-22.

In the fourth set, both teams put in their utmost effort as they strived to bring the trophy back for their schools. Alas, our Volleyball girls, despite their perseverance and great effort, emerged as first runners-up as Nanyang Junior College scored 25 points to Victoria Junior College’s 8 in the fourth set. Nonetheless, it was to us Victorians, a victory as our Volleyball girls continued to fight on amidst adversity and gave it their all.

Though their foreheads glistened and sweat trickled down their temples, our girls never let their smiles falter as they bowed to the crowd of Victorians, knowing that they fought hard and well despite the obstacles they have faced, be it in trainings or on court.

One volleyball player stated that “[Although] the match was very tough but we persevered as a team and thanks to the supporters’ cheers, we gained strength and persevered through the 4 sets!” Reminding us that only adversary we have in life is ourselves, and that we should always strive to surpass ourselves, she mentioned, “Though we ultimately lost, I think we achieved our goal in playing in the finals! Plus it definitely was an improvement from the last match we played with them as we got 1 set!”

In spite of all the adversities they’ve faced, our girls charged forth with tenacity and resilience throughout the game, making every single spectator beam with pride. It served as a timely reminder for Victorians to remain steadfast in times of trials and tribulations, which, we believe, was an inspiration to all the other competing sports teams.

The Victorian Press would like to extend our congratulations to the Volleyball Girls for their powerful and spectacular performance this season!

[Photos credited to VJC Photography Society]

Article By:
Grace Wong, 18A11
Tricia Goh, 18S31


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