Syncopated raps of the drum reverberated around the otherwise hushed surroundings, with fervent cheers and synchronised mass dances. Angsana Green was pulsating with life as a surge of triumph welled up in the hearts of Victorians who displayed tremendous support for their respective houses.

In case you have not connected the dots, it was the long-awaited day for the annual Sea Carnival. Unlike in previous years, 2017’s Sea Carnival is on a larger scale than ever before, aiming to foster close-knitted camaraderie between the juniors and seniors.

With that said, the Buffer Activity, which heralded the beginning of the carnival, gradually drew juniors out of their shells of hesitation and restraint at the inarguable warmth of the seniors. Throughout this activity, juniors were grouped with their respective senior classes, and unbridled laughter filled the air as the seniors shared stories of good times to come. Fears were dispelled as the J1s were assured that no, JC life really isn’t as scary as you think it is.

Additionally, highly intensive games were conducted at 3 different zones.

Zone A

Victorians were given a broad spectrum of games to choose from, some of which included frisbee, bubble soccer, tennis and floorball. Junior classes engaged in friendly competition with their senior classes, and even the teachers got involved in cheering the students on. Despite the slippery layer of mud that coated the ground, students were undeterred, participating in the games with much enthusiasm.

For a good deal of Victorians, the Zombie Run was the most dreaded component. (“Zone B, zombie, heheheh,” we quoted a student councillor as saying.) Many had previously eyed the bouncing castle with unabashed glee, before realising that it was connected to a large sheet covered in mud.  Combined with the zombies who were armed with buckets of water, the thought of crawling on the sheet can easily cause one to shrivel up in disgust. Despite the trepidation that robbed some of speech prior to the game, the turnout was reportedly outstanding, possibly because the house with the highest participation rates wins the most points, but more likely because it was hard to resist the infectious enthusiasm of the grinning zombies. Hah, get it? Infectious?

In the midst of the frenzy, ice cream sticks were handed out to every class to reinvigorate the students. Some students were even seen offering the zombies bites of their ice cream.

Zone C

Of course, one can hardly hold a carnival at East Coast Park without including the stretch of beach, right? Which was, incidentally, where the third zone took place. After the blistering morning heat, the cool sea water was a refreshing respite. On the Sea Structure, painstakingly built and held up by ODAC, students bumped and shoved one another playfully in an attempt to push the others into the water. On the beach, some classes sat together and cheered their friends on, while others took the opportunity to bond with one another over snacks.  Because really, there’s nothing that brings people together more than food does.

As they always say, the path to one’s heart is through the stomach. During the class picnic,

many classes were lazing on the beach. Students whipped out food from their bags to be shared amongst the senior and junior classes. The variety of food present was astounding, from tidbits such as chips and pandan cakes to main courses such as pasta and sandwiches. To add on, luscious desserts such as watermelon cubes and apple strudel were spotted in the vast amount of food. As everyone began to tuck in, there was a buzz of excitement as senior and junior classes mingled while treats were being passed around. After eating, numerous students were jubilantly playing cards and icebreaker games, such as the “MRT” game and Blow Wind Blow. Cordial conversations were crafted between both cohorts who successfully overcame the awkward stage to being able to relate to each other better.

“Hi Victorians, there are 10 minutes before SEA Carnival ends! Please start packing up and head to the tentage.” The announcement rang out crisp and clear, followed by groans as the students dreaded the end of the class bonding time. Despite the reluctance, both the seniors and juniors were diligently clearing up after themselves. Many hands made light work and all classes were almost done with clearing their areas when the announcement for Victorians to gather at the tentage was signalled.

Victorians trudged through the muddy field towards their respective house flags and after everyone has gathered, it was time to unleash the fiery Victorian Spirit. The house captains took to the stage and hyped up the crowd by making each house present their cheers. Subsequently, the winning house for SEA Carnival was announced (Congratulations Pegasus!), instantly followed by deafening cheers.

Suddenly, the all so familiar tune of ‘Whiney Whiney’ sounded, propelling Victorians into the dance routine of this mass dance. ‘Whiney Whiney’ ended too fast but the next mass dance, ‘The Nights’, was electrifying as well.

Although the event was found to be thoroughly relished by the juniors and seniors, several of those who were interviewed felt sorry for the Student Councillors who could not participate in most of the activities since they had to oversee administrative matters such as monitoring class attendance and whatnots. Furthermore, some opined that the tentage should have been bigger to fit everyone because teachers were left to rest outside in the sweltering heat. In spite of it all, the teachers were busily jamming to the music, taking pictures with students and simply joining the euphoria that saturated the ambience.

For the final segment of the event, Victorians stood next to one another, hands slung over shoulders as they belted out the lyrics of the Victorian anthem with gusto. The student council then led the iconic  “YO VJC!” cheer before ending the carnival on a high note as many classes adjourned for lunch to continue the senior-junior bonding we enjoyed so much.

Article by:

Liyana Mokhtar Hussein, 16S31

Tian Jing Jie, 16S37

Yasmin Suhaimi, 16A12


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