“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

This cliche by Dr Seuss was realised by many Victorians, who ended their 2 years in Victoria Junior College with an eventful and memorable Farewell Day. It had been awhile since both the J1s and J2s sat together in the hall. It was the last assembly for the J2s before they embarked on their A level examinations and there was a buzz of excitement for the assembly to begin. The J2s were already hyped from the earlier activities prepared for them and this was the final segment before they finally graduated. Let us take a quick recap!

It started off with dedicated student councillors setting up game booths at the concourse for the departing seniors to indulge in. After enjoying their respective class parties, the J2s could tour the concourse for an array of exciting games. These games included mini bowling and many other games. The seniors had a wild time playing these games and took the chance to have one last bonding session with their entire class. For some, they preferred to stay in a classroom for an extended class party, with huge chunks of take-aways from McDonald’s spotted from the vaguely translucent glass windows. The morning of the seniors’ final valediction was indeed one to cherish.

While the J2s were having fun, the J1s were trying their best to rehearse their farewell performance for the seniors. Gathered in the hall an hour before the assembly, the J1s rehearsed their rendition of The Cup Song. Led by the student leaders, students were split into groups. One group had to sing while others had to clap along to a certain rhythm. They came together to form the familiar tune that took over the internet in 2014.

J2s started streaming into the hall at around 10am, where the J1 were already seated after their rehearsal. This year’s assembly was appropriately themed “VJRewind”. Due to the hectic year that passed so fast, moments to reflect on it have become a rarity. From match support to the concert season, this year was definitely one hectic year to remember. This assembly was an opportunity for seniors and juniors to look back on the experiences they had. What better way to end the year by celebrating with friends who have been there through thick and thin, through joy and sorrow?

A movie-themed appreciation video was played, naming all the outstanding seniors who contributed to the Victorian experience of 2017. A cute and eye-catching concept, Victorians cheered on as familiar faces graced the screen. Ms Ek’s speech put the appreciation into words, she thanked the notable seniors and shook their hands.

The assembly was heralded by the two bubbly emcees, their enthusiasm was contagious and the students soon caught on the hype. Following Ms Ek’s speech was a performance by the talented trio of Aida, Ryan and Luke. They performed a series of sentimental goodbye songs like ‘Last Young Renegade’ by All Time Low amidst others. Finally, they led the J1’s in The Cup Song performance, which the J1s had practised prior to the main event. The result was an impressive mix of pure clapping and voices which sounded almost magical, topped by the mellifluous voice of the singers on stage. The resulting atmosphere was an experience to remember, a final opportunity to say goodbye. The lyrics of the song further showed how much the seniors will be missed by everyone in VJC. There was also a section dedicated to a video with heartwarming farewell messages by the teachers of each class, wishing their students all the best for the future, both in the long and short run, in the form of the coming A levels.

There was also a video put up by the teachers, depicting the types of students they see in exam rooms. All of us reveled in the good humor and laughter.

To end off, both J1s and J2s sang the Victorian anthem. For J2s, that was one of the first songs that they’ve heard in VJ, and that was the last song that they will leave VJ with. A poignant closure for a bittersweet farewell. In 2016, they came, decked out in the different stripes and colours of their secondary school uniforms. 2 years on, they left, bearing the spirit of excellence and resilience. Truly a representation of Nil Sine Labore!

We wish all the J2s reading this good luck for the A Levels! Press on!

Article by:
Denisse Sim, 17S62
Ong Yong En, 17A14
Isaac Tan E, 17S52



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