“The performance was proof of the hard work the Chinese Society members have poured in to present to the audience such a wondrous play”

The red velvety curtains drew apart, revealing the artfully designed stage. Audiences awaited with anticipation in the dark, with some even adding to the atmosphere by cheering on for their friends on stage.

2017’s Chinese Drama Night kicked off to a start with the first play, known as “The Heart Mirror/心镜”. The synopsis of the story centers around a mythical demonic lady who utilised a subterfuge upon herself to hide her true form. Through coincidences and twists in fate, she falls in love with a mortal — a mortal with finite days left to live.

Without going too deep into the details of the plot, eventually, let’s say she choose to forgo her power of immortality in return for time to spend with her sickly mortal husband. This truly speaks volumes about the power of love and its ability to influence that even the most powerful of individual can succumb to.

What followed up promptly was the heartwarming story titled “倒带/Rewind”. The plot revolves around a male student who has the ability to stop and rewind time. Yes, you heard right. This extraordinary superability was often misused by him to inch closer to his crush. With many humorous events inserted in between the play, audiences were chuckling their way through it. (Except for the heart-wrenching part where our main protagonist realises that the girl he has been pining for for ages had already got herself a loving husband!)

Sounds of grimaces could be heard as the engaged audiences bemoaned his loss. To cut a long story short, it entails the story of a romance between his crush and him — they did not eventually end up together (cue sighs). As tragic as it sounds, by diving deeper into the meaning of the plot, it conveys a meaningful message about the people in our lives. No matter how long of a period were they involved in our lives, they have helped shaped and define who we are now.

The gist of the final play, “梦渡/Lost” was unquestionably spectacular. It brought about the most impactful and meaningful message on life. Characters were more defined as the audiences were provided sneak peeks into the problems they faced in their complex lives. Through an unfortunate bus accident, five lives were unknowingly intertwined together.

Encircling around the theme of fantasy, it highlights on the figural weight of the heart. How heavily burdened a heart can be when problems in life accumulate. How fragile life can be. How every moment you may deem as unsuspectingly normal may turn out to be the irreplaceable and precious ones you hold dearly to heart. The intentions of the show were so heartfelt and real. It was warmly received by the audience through loud applauses.

The plays were varied in their nature and captivated the audience, however love was a recurring theme. Several forms of love were explored, from the romantic to the filial. “A particular scene between the mother and daughter had me reflecting on my relationship with my children,” recalls Mdm Candy Ng, an audience member. “The plots were well thought-out and very insightful. I enjoyed every moment.”

Despite the large audience on the day of the event, the performers were unfazed. “It felt very normal because we have been practising it for two months so it was like any other rehearsal, the acts came in naturally” expressed Dai Chongrui from 17S38, who was the actor for one the main characters in the third play. However, there were still multiple challenges the drama team faced. “Every member had to know what they were supposed to do and be familiar with their character, and imagine their lives and emotions during the show. You couldn’t fake your emotions.” Perhaps this explains why the actors had to stay back until 9 pm every weekday in school for the weeks leading up to Drama Night!

The performance definitely ended the night on a high for the audience and the performers as well. We would like to congratulate the Chinese Drama Society for all their effort in preparation of the plays, and wish all performing arts groups all the best in their upcoming performances!

Article by:

Crystal Teo, 17S31

Ng Jia Yeong, 17S64


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