Update: Visit the Science Society booth during the CCA Walkabout for free homemade ice-cream and more!


Hey Victorians!

We are Science Society (SS for short)! The geekiest of the geeks, the nerdiest of the nerds (not really) and the best of the best (Editor’s note: Other than V Press). As the name suggests, we are a club/society CCA that does amazing things with science. And now, we want you! Yes, you! No, don’t turn around, we are talking about you! The reader! If you’ve read this far, we probably have got your attention for the next 3^14 picoseconds, so read on to find out what makes us so awesome and why you should join us!

Our Regular Sessions

Every Friday, the greatest minds in VJC (that’s us) gather in a very special, high tech location called the Science and Technology Centre (the Synapse and Synthase labs). CCA officially starts at 4:30 pm and ends at 6:00 pm. Yes, you read that right, it’s only 90 minutes taken out of your super jam packed schedule. And it’s on a Friday, so you can just come in and chillax during the sessions. Some of you may end earlier on Fridays, but I’m sure you can stay back just a little while (okay maybe not just a little while) to join us. Besides, while waiting for the session, you can catch up with friends or your schoolwork or work on your PW. Some Science Soc seniors will also be around so do feel free to approach any of them if you need some help with your work, we are very friendly (Editor’s note: Yes, Kyaw is very friendly -_-).

TL;DR Weekly Sessions are on Fridays 4:30 to 6:00

What We Do

Now you might be thinking, what exactly do we do? Do we sit down and do more ten year series papers? Do we listen to quantum physics and computational chemistry lectures from online? No, no and no. We are in fact a super fun CCA. Every week, you will get the chance to witness and carry out amazing experiments, things you normally wouldn’t get to do during science practical lessons. Play around with Virtual Reality, Quantum Erasers, Iodine Clocks, making your own ICE CREAM and more! And if you have any experiments in mind that you want to try, as long as the experiment is within our safety limits and budget, you can choose to propose it for our events, and you can be the one carrying it out! Speaking of events, let’s talk about events, the special occasions that sets Science Soc apart from the rest.

TL;DR Experiments, Workshops, Events

Our Events

We have several events throughout the year. Most, if not all, are planned and executed by us. Essentially, we are conducting workshops and challenges for our peers, juniors, and the public. Each workshop usually consists of a few experiments of a common theme. For instance, for the theme ‘Dry Ice’, we made ice cream, bubbles, and cannons, all with dry ice. From the start of the year, we have the VJC Science Challenge, which is an escape room styled event planned and carried out by us for our schoolmates. Then we have the ‘VCA Science Explore’, where we plan and conduct workshops for our VCA juniors around end May. Then there’s the East Zone Science Carnival, where it’s kind of like the VCA one, but the audience widens to ALL east zone schools. This usually happens in July. Finally, there are the library workshops where we go to the NLB to conduct very fun experiments for primary school children around end November.

TL;DR, Science Challenge, VCA Science Explore, East Zone Science Carnival, Library Workshops

Our Internal Events

Besides all the cool events we have for others, we have somethings exclusively for ourselves as well. First there’s a Science Soc Day during the March Holidays, which is a day of fun and bonding games. Our highlight of the year would be the Coastal Islands Trip during the June Holidays. The trip is a once in a lifetime, heavily subsidised, fun filled field trip that will make you glad that you joined Science Soc while others look on with envy.

Pragmatic Stuff

Now now, we’re sure some of you are highly ambitious, and always on the prowl for leadership opportunities and things that will SHINE on your portfolio. If you’ve realised, our events cover that quite well. They are essentially giving back to the school and community, with a sprinkle of exploration and independence. For every event, there’ll be leadership opportunities up for grabs, such as the ICs for each workshop, planning committees, etc. Science Soc will make your portfolio stand out, and you’ll be spoilt for choice for what to define as your top three achievements if you go through what we have to offer.


Just like every other CCA, we have our very own EXCO. It consists of 6 positions, the chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, secretary and other two other general ‘EXCO member’ positions. The EXCO plans and leads the CCA sessions and certain events, as well as being responsible for everything about Science Soc. The selection process officially starts after March, but the current EXCO will always be observing the J1s for potential leaders among the batch.



So what are you waiting for? Join us now, either as a First CCA or a secondary one. If you have any questions, do feel free to approach yours truly. Or if you have made up your mind to join Science Soc, then join us at our CCA Booth during the CCA Walkabout to sign up!
Pye Sone Kyaw, 15S44


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