I initially came into Feeling Fab not realising this privilege was only granted to the J1s. Initially, when we were given the liberty to choose the type of activity we would opt for, many of us based our choices on the belief that this would be nothing more than “just another orientation-like activity”.

We were, however, pleasantly surprised by our experience at Kovan Forte Bowl. Unlike the preconceived notions that bowling would be mundane, we were well-engaged in the session and had a ton of fun bowling.

Like what one would expect, we were brought to the bowling alley (and we were delighted to find the whole alley had been reserved for Victorians) to embark on our bowling endeavours. However, unlike what we expected, professional instructors were present to educate us, the “average-bowler-who-bowls-for-fun”, on the accurate technique to ensure a level of proficiency at the sport. This was “beyond getting an occasional strike (hitting all the pins down in the first try)” from “anyhow whacking”. Our “bowling is simple, right?” mindset was challenged as the programme proceeded.

Needless to say, many of us were shocked at the precision of the series of movements bowlers have to undertake to launch the bowling ball with appropriate strength and good aim. It became apparent that heeding the instructions of our friendly instructors regarding posture, feet and arm placement (and even in our strides) was key in knocking down the pins after the initial practice rounds of “gutter goals”. Indeed, knocking the pins down was harder than it looked.

Thanks to our patient instructors, many managed to redeem themselves from “gutter status” (we even called ourselves the “gutter gang”) to “alley status”. As the session progressed, we were invited to play a friendly match to practice our skills, and for some, earn boasting rights from winning a match. Some of our classmates took to the game with a lighthearted approach, while others were driven by the desire to score well in the spirit of competition. Either way, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, be it from seeking gratification when one achieved a “strike”, or seeing ourselves improve, or simply having a fun time and laughing over our mediocre performance in bowling.

After the friendly competition (which for me, ended way too fast), we concluded with better bowling skills and fond memories. Oh, and of course, finally taking a class picture (with full attendance) to use as our class group chat photo. What a memorable day it was!

Article by:
Miriam Edna Yu Wing Yan, 18A11


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